Friday, June 17, 2005

Mrs. Brown

Holy crap! The wedding and the honeymoon are over! I am now known as Jenny Brown. How crazy is this!? Wow. I'm doubting I'll ever get used to that.

Anywho . . . the honeymoon was a total blast. We went to Cumberland Lake in Kentucky, and we basically chilled on a houseboat for the whole week. We went fishing, watched movies, sat around, goofed off, and . . . well . . . did other things that married people do. It was so totally awesome, and while it wasn't the most expensive or lavish of vacations, it was the stinking coolest thing I could've ever imagined for a honeymoon. I loved it. Everyone needs to try houseboating . . . for real. Awesome.

I actually caught a channel catfish! I never catch anything! Willi caught two rainbow trout while we were there, too.

Now, I'm here at the apartment in Lebanon. Willi's off to Jason's Bach party in Indy tonight. So, I'm braving this place alone. Bravin' it, I am. Unfortunately, our place isn't even really close to bein' a "home" yet. We've got boxes everywhere. We don't have silverware. We don't have a trash can. So . . . it's kind-of weird. We have just about every stinkin' kitchen gadget you'd ever need or think of, and we've got every single kind of "maker" that you'd ever need. So, that's fun and stuff.

I don't think many people know this, but I got into a fender bender the day of the wedding. I was heading to get my hair done at Christina and Company, and when I went to stop at the stop light, I just slid right through. It had rained just enough to make it oily slick outside. It was awful . . . I was a mess. I was a royal mess. Scott Brown was there to try to console me and keep me calm, but I know the man had to be thinking, "How can I make her stop crying? How can I make her stop crying? How can I make her stop crying!?"

Shortly after the accident occurred (and I couldn't find my registration to save my LIFE), Bethany Robison showed up in her car, picked me up, and took me to my hair appointment. She found me at my worst. I was red-faced, puffy, drowning in mucous and tears, and the last thing on my mind was the fact that I'd actually be getting married that day . . . it was sick. Thank God for Bethany, though. Seriously. Thank you Bethany. That's a friend. That's you.

By the way, my car is totaled. Yeah. No car at the moment. We're still trying to figure out how I'm gonna get to work on Monday. Oh life . . .

Oh . . . also, on my wedding day, I totally fell face first down the stairs of the church on my way to get my dress on. I didn't land on my face but I got a nasty bruise on my knee. It was serious. I had to ice it, even.

What's crazy is, somehow my sister Julie went through the day without having a CLUE that I had even been in a car accident. She was in the hotel, and somehow, she managed to miss every single mention of the fact that I had been in an accident. How nuts!

So weird . . .

Alright, I'm gonna go in search of a few necessities for our apartment while doing some laundry. Oh man . . . the laundry heap is serious. I don't think we'll ever be done with laundry from here on out. I hope I can find some necessities like a sponge for dishes, maybe a trash can, you know . . . basics like that. Luckily Willi left me with a car.

Gotta go. Later. This is Jenny Brown. *blink* Out.