Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Willis = 1; Bush = 0

Willis won this weekend. He picked a fight with the bush that was on the side of our house, and he won. I know because I saw it. I went with him to get a chain to pull it out, and I was scared.

He cut all the big, bushy stuff off of it, and then he wrapped the chain around it, hooked the chain to the Pacifica, and yanked it outta there. It was pretty cool.

I'm starting to doubt him less and less. He's having a good run.

Here are some photos that were taken just after the fight ended with said bush:

Here he is, checking out his handywork.

View from next to the bush.

There's the hole.

Action shot.

Yet another action shot.

Here's the bush pile. The dog is placed in this photo for scale. Hahaha! Just kidding. But . . . seriously . . . you can tell how huge it was.

"Well . . . at least I'll have plenty of stuff to chew on when they tie me out back here . . ."

Caution: Man Working.

This place is getting somewhere.

In other news: I've gained an inch on my waistline in a week. If there are two in there, I might have to punch Willis. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Babies Everywhere!

Babies everywhere!
You really need sound for this one.
I just kind-of felt like this was in the spirit of the season.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Pregnancy Test Hilarity

Okay . . . I realize that the photo is absolutely terrible. I took these awhile back (when we actually did all these tests), and I didn't upload them anywhere to see how they turned out. Unfortunately, my little screen on my camera doesn't really help me out when it comes to determining clarity. But . . . this little photo will help me paint a picture for you, so to speak.

Let me just tell you how ridiculous pregnancy tests are. I don't have much experience with pregnancy tests—let alone finding a positive result from a test. Look up at the photo above. This is the order in which I took these tests. The night before we found out we were preggers, I took the first four of these five tests. In fact, Willis even took one because it got so ridiculous (not pictured). So . . . really, there are six tests involved in our testing process.

You can't see very well in these photos, but the tests can be described as follows:

1.  This test is known as First Response. This is the first one I took. I know the photo is terrible, but if you could see it, you would find that there's a really dark line next to another line that is so incredibly faint that it's hard to determine if there's really even a line there. That's the test that if there's one line, your not pregnant, and if there are two, you are. So, clearly Willis and I were not convinced by this one test that we were truly pregnant (and I need to call Brian Breed about this because I think we can honestly say here that we were "a little pregnant"—you PMO people know what I'm talking about here). Therefore, we decided to run to the pharmacy to pick up another kind of pregnancy test (because we realized that the brand we were using wasn't going to give us a straight answer).

2.   This test (and the one following) is known as Clear Blue Easy. Not only is it not clear, but it certainly wasn't that easy. The first one, if you can see it at all in the photo, is completely blank. It didn't work. Not at all. That's the result you'd get if you're dead.

3.  The third one, I took and it worked . . . but it had the same issue as the first test. One horribly solid line with a faint, faint, faint line making it into a plus (plus means pregnant)—and this was hardly a plus.

4.  Being frustrated with the same sort of crap, I decided to run back to the pharmacy in search of a test that had absolutely no gray area—a digital test. I came home, chugged some water (so I could pee for the fifth time that evening), and took the test. After about five minutes, the test worked, and it said, "Not pregnant."

5.  At that point, we were utterly exhausted, and we went to bed. The next morning, I woke up before Willis, ran downstairs, opened up the last digital test, and gave it a whirl. Within about 30 seconds, the word, "Pregnant," popped up. Finally, there was a test that could give me a straight frickin' answer—about 50 bucks later.

Later on, we read about home pregnancy testing, and one of the main things it says is not to drink lots of water when testing as water dilutes the hormone that the test reads (HCG, is it?). Duh. I should've realized that. Meh well. Live and learn, right?

But seriously. It was serious. Every major event in our lives has to come with some kind of crazy story. It's only natural.

Anyway . . . we're looking at a date of January 3rd-ish. We go into the doctor for the first time on June 1st. I'll definitely keep you posted on our progress. 

We were planning on waiting until we were about three months in before announcing our news (mainly because we feared that due to it being so early, a lot of things can happen), but . . . on Wednesday morning last week, I couldn't fit into any of my pants. So . . . forces of nature were telling us that we had to tell people before my belly did. I just hope everything goes well since we've spilled the beans to the whole world.

Oh! And I almost forgot to show you guys photos of the fireplace that I stained. Here. Check it out:

This is before.

This is after.

I even stained the dowel rods that I used to make the curtain rods, but I didn't get any photos of those. I mean—they basically look like curtains. That's probably not all that exciting for you.

Pretty cool, though, eh?

BTW, we watched Spiderman 3 today, which was decent and all, but I've gotta say that I got infinitely more excited about the Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix movie trailer than I did about Spiderman. I can't wait to see that movie! I haven't been this excited about a movie since I was a kid . . .

Anywho . . . that's my life right now. It's a little more exciting than usual. I'm okay with that.


I forgot to mention that the raccoon tenants that we had in the porch roof/ceiling have managed to move out on their own devices. So, that rocks. We didn't hear them for about two days, so I went out and sealed the foundation back up and closed the gate to the area under the porch. So far, still nothing. We sleep at night now. It's glorious.