Sunday, December 25, 2005

Willi's Grandpa Brown

Oh wow! Christmas is basically over. How crazy. What a crazy time it's been.

Yesterday morning, Mary (Willi's mom) called us to tell us that Willi's grandfather had passed away just a half hour before her call. I guess it wasn't a complete shock (as Willi didn't seem stunned, and he said his health has been horrible for over ten years), but it was still overwhelming. Christmas wasn't quite as happy as it usually would have been as a result, but . . . what can you do? Poor Willi . . . no more grandpas. Me neither. It's so sad, too: the (extended family) Browns were already such a serious family about death (Willi lost a cousin two years ago that was nearly his age), and adding this to the already-serious nature was nearly unbearable. We got through it, though.

This means we're going to have to miss work to go to the funeral (and we were already only working three days this week). Willi struggles with that a lot, as he feels like he should be at work Friday (because it's an extra holiday off for us), but . . . I tend to disagree with that. I feel like he should still have that day off for the sheer fact that it is a holiday given to us, and we should take it . . . and enjoy it with each other.

Anywho . . . I think my boy is doing okay. I think he's sad, but he's strong. I'm gonna be there for him, and I'm glad that I can.

BTW, he got me a digital camera for Christmas! I was totally stoked as I have been wanting one of those FOREVER! Pictures will be posted . . . and soon. I must get more memory, though. But first . . . real life must be attended.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Family Christmas, Cat, and Mouse

Oh man . . . I am so incredibly sleepy and relaxed right now. It's kind-of unreal. Willi and I drove (he drove, I guess I just rode) five hours to get to Columbus tonight. We had originally intended to leave work at 2 p.m., but I couldn't get everything done in time (meaning, people were lookin' over/proofin' pages for the flyer that I'm doing at work, and they were taking for stinking ever). So, we ended up leaving at nearly 3:30 . . . which was harsh. We got here at 10 p.m.

I just came in a little bit ago from the outdoors: Jeremy, Marlene, and I were hanging out in the hot tub . . . outdoors. Man! That's such a great experience. If you've never been outdoors in the winter in a hot tub (preferably with snow around), you should definitely find a way to try it out. It's pretty sweet, and it's extremely relaxing. I'm totally comatosed right now. Sersly. It is glorious.

Now I must go join my husband in some seriously deep slumber.

Tomorrow (or basically today): it's Christmas with my immediate family (and spawns).  I hope little kids like scarves handmade by aunt Jennys. I also hope they like pop rocks. If they don't, they're not normal--and that's final! 

OH CRAP! I totally forgot to mention the most eventful thing that happened today! This morning, as I was getting ready for work, I heard the cat, Hank, meowing. He never meows unless he has a reason, so I went to peek on him in the hallway. Unfortunately, he was vomiting (which ended up not being a big deal because it wasn't -like- nasty). Then, after that, he was totally happy and skippy. A little later, I was walking to the kitchen, when I noticed the cat doing some seriously strange acrobatics around something dark and odd on the floor by the front door. He was doing somersaults and all kinds of weird flips and stuff, and then it hit me: he's finally broken into the gecko's cage, and he's eaten him!

Nope. I soon realized that this critter was much too large to be the gecko. I got closer, and I realized that it was the BIGGEST FREAKIN' MOUSE I'VE EVER LAID EYES ON IN A HOME! Hank had killed it. He was showing it off to us, and he was so proud. It was so stinking funny, but I still had the nagging question of, "Where the crap did this giant mouse come from?"

The only guess we have: Christmas tree.

When Willi took the mouse out with the trash, Hank cried. He gave out about five or six good tomcat-like meows, and he was good to go. Poor guy . . . He was so proud. Hah! He was probably thinking, "Finally you guys splurged and got me a real toy!"