Monday, April 24, 2006

The House

Okay! I said that photos of the house would be coming, and here they are! This oughtta get everybody up-to-date.

Here's the blue room (formerly known as the school bus, truck, stop sign, etc. room). This is just a small sample of the crack repair we did in there.

This is the painting of the blue room in action. Yes . . . the room will no longer be blue.

This is the blue room . . . and it is done.

This is the blue room after Willi ripped up the carpet in there. The floors are beautiful, but we'll obviously have to work on them at some point.

Here's a view of the green room (formerly known as the Pooh room) with the cracks dug out. This is obviously prior to repairing.

Here are the repairs done with plaster on that same area. The rest of the room was just as bad as this corner if not worse. As of now, this room looks basically just like the blue room. The trim still needs painted . . . but you'll have that.

The next few pictures involve what our house looks like after the move. Check 'em out:

This is our bedroom after the move. So far.

These two shots are of our living room that is in our basement. Willis, Scott, and Jarsh had to remove a door and the banister to get that couch downstairs. So . . . I guess that couch isn't coming back out. Oy.

So, this is the bedroom set (well, part of it) that we got from a house that our realtor was selling. I think we scored on that one.

This is what our living room looks like right now. It's pretty serious.

This is the den area. It's full. The chairs you see in the background go to the dining set we just got. It's solid cherry, and pretty sweet.

This is the table that goes with that set.

Did I mention that Hank helped?

I open a box for five minutes, and here's what I get.

This is our new patio set. For the full story on that, read the previous Xanga entry.

More patio furniture along with our new grill. Our old grill from our apartment disintegrated when Willis picked it up to move it. It's a sad story, but this new grill is pretty sweet.

A view of our porch from the front.

This is a view of our porch from the swing. I got my plants set up outside. I only lost one due to the fact that I moved it three times. Anyone know where I can get a Watermelon Pepperomia? I want another one . . .

And that concludes the house photos for today. There will be more to come as the rest of the house comes together. I think it's going to be a long process, though.

We still have a few things at our apartment that we need to get, and we've still gotta clean it. That's not going to be much fun (and it never has been). One thing that brings me comfort, though, is the fact that we'll never have to do it for ourselves again!

Tonight, it's back to the apartment to grab things and watch the last episodes of Prison Break and 24 that we'll ever see in our apartment. Heck yeah.

Have a good night everybody!

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Hank and House

Oh man . . . our cat was so weird on Sunday night. I have a feeling it's because we keep leaving him. He's more needy now. Check out what he did while I was getting ready to brush my teeth before bed:

Look at 'im trying to drink any drips that come out of the faucet.

Here's a closer look at that faucet action.

I think he found a new place to hang.

This is now my wallpaper at work.

"What do you want?"

He's stinkin' hilarious . . . for serious.

That's about all I've got for now. I know . . . it's not hugely exciting, but . . . I'm pretty screwed up from daylight savings time right now. I will never get used to this.

Tonight: it's off to the house!

Christopher: we need to get Couch up here for an old fashioned hang out. Oh yeah.

Oh! I almost forgot! Check out what's going on behind our house! (I hope it's all still there since it frosted last night.)

That's a view from the lower back yard.

That's behind the garage, and it's a Pussy Willow. I hate the name of it . . . but . . . it sure is neat.

Man . . . that's a big, nasty weed. Maybe the frost got that one . . .