Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New Job

Well . . . I just found out that I'll have a job once we get settled in Valparaiso! I'm going to be a graphic designer for G.W. Berkheimer! I get to work at the same place my man does! How's that for a change?


HAH! The insurance adjuster lady for "the other guy" just told me that she's pretty sure (based on what I've told her about the damage alone) that the Geo is going to be totaled. Haaaaaaah!! Man . . . that's car number 2 for the summer. We're keepin' this one, though. It still runs. The hood still opens. Just a little duct tape, and we're good to go. :) We'll be runnin' that puppy into the ground. You'll see. I hope I don't get to find out what it's like to crash a car twice . . .

Monday, August 29, 2005

Back Among Your Pathways Winding

Ahh . . . that was a good weekend. Friday night, we ventured back to old Purdue to watch the Glee Club do its First Nighter. It was Willi's first time watching them from audience perspective. It was a cool thing to be able to sit there with him while he experienced it for the first time. I was like, "Willis! Check out this guy's face while he sings this," or, "Look at so and so during this part of the song."

I had been able to figure out every person's weird quirk, and I wanted to share them all with him. Hopefully I didn't detract from his enjoyment too much. Maybe I should've just let him watch it in peace . . . I made myself get quiet for periods of time during the show so that he might be able to sit and enjoy it. I hope it was enough!

After the show, I didn't get to talk to very many people (I had kind-of hoped to see more people I knew and loved), but I did talk to some I had been missing. It was good to see my ol' roomy Lindsey again. She looked fabulous. :)

Later that night, we went to Ehrlich's apartment to go socialize even more. Strangely, we didn't socialize as much as we thought we would, but we did end up hangin' with a group of people we enjoy in the room we so (we think) rightly called "The Sex Room." It was equipped with a red light, after all.

We crashed over at Kent and Bethany's for the night, vegged all day long with Bethany on Saturday, ate dinner with K and B that evening, and then we went home to Lebanana. For once, we weren't rushing around and killing ourselves to get from place to place in a weekend.

Sunday, we went to church with my buddies from work Andy and Jordan. They brought us back to their house, and we ate lunch with them. It was a good time, and it made us all realize (I think) that we wished we had more time previous to this to hang out more. I told them (as they were dropping us off to meet Willi's parents at our apartment around 2 p.m.) that they could come visit us up in Valparaiso once we get settled. I saw their faces light up, and that was a pretty cool feeling. I really think they're gonna miss us. We will miss them, too. Willi and I loved their house, too. It was really cute. We want one. Our visit wasn't a long one, but we had a really good time with them. I hope we'll be able to stay in touch.

Willi's parents came by our apartment shortly after we arrived. They gave us a platter from Julia (Mary's sister) who is the master of finding anything that had been discontinued from our registry. I love it. They only hung out for a short while. Then, Willi and I found ourselves with some free time in the afternoon. We watch a little tv, relaxed, and then we got ready to make dinner for when Chris came into town.

Chris and Whitney came over around 5:30, I think. I had made fried mushrooms, 6 jalapeno poppers ('cause my mom and dad had brought us 6 jalapenos last week), and some serious spaghetti with meat, tomato, and mushroom sauce. I also made some garlic bread to top it off. Oh yeah . . . good stuff. We had a really good visit with those guys. We never see them anymore, and we really like them. They're good people, and they're funny. :)

Hah! It was a couples weekend! So funny . . . the people we hung out with in "The Sex Room" on Friday were all couples, too! Jason and Nic were in there hangin' out. Amanda and Jarsh were there with us, too! Kent and Bethy were in there, but we ended up hangin' out with them more later, too. Hah . . . good times.

Well . . . I am now officially not at work for The Daily Sun. It's quite strange, really. I didn't have to go in there this morning to help finish and send out the paper. I wonder how they're doing. I miss that Mac G5, too . . .

Today, I have stuff I have to do, though. I have to call the guy's insurance to make a claim against  him (dirty work). I have to take Willi's watch to get some links out (and while I'm at it, I might finally get a battery for the watch I've not worn for about six months now). Then, I'm going to go to Valparaiso to go get our apartment situation . . . well . . . situated. It sure is a full day.

Last week, I only was working from about 8 to noon everyday (to help compensate me for the long hours I worked the weeks before without getting paid for it). I'd come home, and I'd start major projects. So far, I've nearly completed recovering Willi's old, nasty orange recliner. It now has a nice, deep red plaid fabric on it. Next up is staining and varnishing our dresser, and after that, it's recovering the couch. I may attempt to get all that done before we move, but it really depends on our move date. I'm really just doing these things to keep busy right now. If I know that we're moving soon (like within a week), I'll save some of it for after the move.

In the meantime, I'm sure I can keep busy if I figure out what our move date is. I need that and our future address so that I can get a billion things done. For now, I'm gonna get started on tackling this day. I'll talk to you kids later.

Everybody wish Nicole Kaeding a happy birthday, will ya? ;)

Thursday, August 25, 2005


It has been an interesting morning for yours truly. On my way into work (on what is the second to last day of me working here at The Daily Sun), I managed to collide (T-bone style) with another vehicle whilst driving the Geo. Mind you, this other vehicle's operator believed momentarily that he was at a four-way stop, and much to his (and my) dismay, he was not. I feel bad for the guy, though. Some idiot was stopped as if he had a stop sign on my road at this particular intersection (he was opposing my direction—facing me), and he was signaling this man to go as if it were his turn. So, I could see why the man would make this mistake. Unfortunately for the man, the idiot who stopped (unnecessarily) left the scene as we impacted. So, the two of us were left to "pick up the pieces" if you will (or even if you won't).

So . . . it wasn't my fault this time. It still didn't make it any more fun, though. The man I ran into was very nice, and immediately claimed that it was his fault (which was true). The Geo doesn't look too pretty, though. It's got an eyebally hangin' out of its socket, and the bumper's screwed up. The hood is bent, too. I'm kind-of afraid that the radiator might have been dented, but I am unsure of that. I made it the rest of the way to work okay (a total of a two-minute drive from the scene of the accident).

I'm only working until about noon today, so right after, I'm going to get the accident report and take it to my insurance agent. It's funny: I let Willis borrow my driver's license yesterday to make a photocopy of it for an application for a new apartment, and when he brought it home and placed it on the counter, I somehow never saw it. So, I didn't have my license on me . . . and OF COURSE I would get into an accident when I don't have my license THIS ONE TIME. I guess it's a good thing I went through the crap at the BMV to get the Geo properly licensed/registered after all, eh?

I was planning on going to Valparaiso today to get our apartment situation worked out, but I'm not sure I should do that now. We're having trouble getting a lease signed up there. People are flakin' on us. We're probably not going to be able to move next week at this rate.

Ugh . . . what a day. I'm here at work, and I really feel like I shouldn't be. I'm just kind-of frustrated, and . . . yet . . . humored a bit. I find it interesting lately when I think about how things could be possibly more complicated. I need to quit doing that. I keep getting that ongoing question answered.

Well . . . that's all I've got for now. I hope everyone's day is goin' better than what mine seems to be so far. It's not even noon yet.

Later, taters.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Boone BMV

I can't help myself. This is just too much . . .

Today, I decided it'd be a good time for me to waltz over to the BMV to get the title transferred on the Geo. I was under the assumption that we had plenty of time to do this, and I was even wondering if it was even worth it to do so at all.

When I came through the door, I received a number. It was number 68. I looked up at the counter that says "Now serving #__."

It said, "Now serving #60."

"Yikes," I remember thinking to myself, "and they only have -like- two of the twelve people in the office actually working and helping people. This could be a long wait."

I was right. Not only were there only two of the twelve ladies on staff and in attendance working simultaneously at any given time, those two ladies (who would switch out with other ladies and disappear into the back room) were also incredibly and relentlessly SLOW at what they were doing. Their turnover rate was about one customer per twenty minutes between the two of them that would be working at any particular time. Many times, a lady would come from the back room towards front counter service area (many times these particular ladies would be chewing on something), and everyone in the waiting area would perk up and think to themselves, "My God! This is it! They're getting another lady in here to speed up the process! I may make it back in time to _____ after all!"

Then, the lady would look at the crowd, look at the two ladies actually working behind the counter, make some kind of inward decision, and then walk back to that back room. Those who would be waiting had the life fade out of their eyes as they would slump back into their chairs.

I was okay with the uncomfortable silence I was having with a group of older men. I was fine with us not talking or looking at each other, but time got the best of us. In the end, I found myself being told by several of them, "You know, you're a really pretty girl."

I don't mind compliments like that and stuff (and I often welcome compliments), but then they went on to say things like, "Well . . . at least we have a pretty girl to look at while we're sittin' here."

Eeek . . .

So . . . shortly after that particular statement, we went back to our uncomfortable silence, which somehow felt even more uncomfortable than it was before. I remember thinking, "Thank God we're moving away from here soon."

Finally, it came to be my turn seven numbers and at least an hour and a half later. While transferring the title, I learned that the title we received from Willi's parents was dated June 1st. Crap. Titling of a car is supposed to happen within 30 days. Yeah . . . that didn't happen. Late fees. Yay. I also had to get a new license plate even though the one that was already on there wouldn't expire until . . . well . . . until the new one I just put on there does. Bleh . . . I don't really understand the whole titling, licensing, registering, and all that crap that goes with it. I mean . . . I know it has to happen and stuff, but . . . late fees? Really? Does it have to involve long, ridiculous, absurd lines with BMV workers who can't seem to function if more than two of them are in a room at any point in time? Come on . . . we can do better than that, right? Crikey. I hear that the ladies cry because sometimes they have to work on Mondays. Pffft . . . they have such cushy hours there, it's not even funny. Sure, the building itself looks like what hell might be for me if I were to actually have to go there someday, but I imagine their job is probably not that bad. They sit there and shoot the crap with people all day long, and . . . what the crap! Only two of them have to be working simultaneously apparently. It's amazing to me, really.

I just had to share . . . It's too bad that BMVs everywhere are probably just like this one in good ol' Boone County. I dread the day I actually will decide to go renew my driver's license in my new name. Pfft . . . do I have to?

Friday, August 5, 2005

Pay Cut at the Paper

Well . . . things had a chance to sink in after I had some sleep yesterday . . . AND after Willi came home and we discussed what had gone down at work. It turns out that I'm suddenly taking a HUUGE pay cut because (and my boss used this analogy), "the airplane needs to lift off the ground."

What that means is, I'm considered a salaried employee. I don't get paid over 40 hours anymore. I wasn't getting paid enough as it was, but now . . . especially after knowing I'm still going to be putting in between 50 and 60 hours until the end . . . there's no way I could have stayed here after that meeting happened yesterday. Even if I wasn't moving, I'd have to leave this job. It would kill me. For serious.

I feel bad for Andy, though. I will probably miss him most of all. He has become a good friend of mine, and I can't even believe how stinking nice he is. I am amazed at how patient his wife is. They are beautiful, kind people. It's too bad he can't spend more time with her. He needs to get outta there. I hope he does . . . I hope she doesn't ever grow too impatient. I think he knows that at some point, he's going to have to chose his life over work. Uugh . . . sadness.

Don't work for a start-up newspaper, people. It's not a good idea. I loved it while it lasted . . . but now, my body is -like- chronically tired.

I actually, for the first time in weeks, had tonight off! I didn't know I would have it off until about 9:20 p.m. when Whitney called me and said I wouldn't be needed to finish up the paper. I was so relieved, too. Willi and I were already vegging in bed. I didn't want to have to leave it. Tomorrow is free of work, but we're going to a reunion in Seymour. We have no idea what the evening holds for us. We have some pallies meeting up in Valpo, and we wanted to meet them there . . . we may still try to attempt it. The drive from Seymour to Valpo may prove to be too serious, though. Sorry, guys . . . we'll see, though.

Know what else tomorrow is?

It's mah stinkin' birthday, kids! Whoooo! 20 freakin' 4.

Wow . . . that's weird. 24. That's almost a quarter of a century.

Anyway . . . we're definitely moving. We don't know where exactly yet, but we're moving.

I need to sleep. From what Willis tells me, I have a ridiculously long day ahead of me tomorrow. 

Thursday, August 4, 2005


Well, I did it. Today, I talked to my boss, Tony. I told him that Willis and I are going to be moving soon. The reaction I got from it was a lot better than I anticipated. He was totally cool, and in the end, he basically shrugged his shoulders and said, "What can you do?"

That was, of course, after I told him that Willi's company has basically offered to buy out our lease and move us. So . . . the hard deed is done. I imagine we'll be moving in about a month now. I know it won't be much more than that (if it is).

He was, believe it or not, genuinely bummed that I would be leaving, and he told me he had big plans for me down the road (before I told him we were moving). He actually gave me a raise today, too. Hah . . . It's not enough, though. Not enough to justify driving an hour to and from work everyday. I told him I can't believe my husband has been driving two hours to and from work everyday and not even complained once about it. I know . . . I KNOW . . . he hates it. I hate it. He just sucks it up, though. He gets up early, and he gets in that car . . . and he goes. He goes everyday. It's heartbreaking. So . . . I knew I had to tell "the man" I was leaving.

It's good news. At the same time, I really liked that job. So . . . it's bittersweet. I just hope I have enough luck finding a job I love as much that might actually pay me somethin' to squeal about. Mostly, though, it's a relief to have told my boss. Quitting anything is so hard for me to do. Quitting a job I enjoy is definitely a step beyond.

I'll still be working there (for about a month, maybe) until they replace me, but I told Tony to go ahead and start looking for someone to help fill my shoes. It's funny . . . I have small feet, but apparently they think I have big shoes to fill there.

It's so crazy . . . this life isn't really mine, is it? It's naptime. Catch you guys later.