Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nora's Preschool Graduation

Nora went to preschool this year. She was in the two-year-old class. (She's nearly 3.5 years old, now.)

She's receiving her certificate.

I went up to get her, and I forgot to grab my camera. So, I ran back. I had Henry with me. It was rough. He was a noisy, serious handful, and my hands were . . . already . . . full.

Nora's class.

Nora enjoying some shaving cream awesome. (Henry did it, too, but I didn't get to grab any photos of that.)

Henry loving on friend Lisa (Brooklynn's mom).

Adriana, Nora, and Brooklynn were the only three girls in the class.

Brooklynn gets in on the shaving cream action.

You can tell she doesn't like to get messy, but she's going for it anyway!

Henry was fine being completely across the room from me. Nora was quite clingy all morning.

Shaving cream cleanup. (Lisa's hiding off to the right.)

Brooklynn getting cleaned up by Max's mom.

Adriana patiently waits for Henry to do whatever it is he's doing.

He tried hula-hooping.

Nora and Brooklynn. Nora was in a weird, little, shy funk this morning, and Brooklynn tried her darnedest to get her out of it.

He loves the wheels.


Nora and Henry both played this fun, little bucket game.

That wore me out. It's hard to believe she just did a whole school year of preschool, though.

Henry's Post-Wake Up Face

"Want juice."

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Sun Finally Came Out!

Serious photo post! We took a lot of outdoor photos today.

Here's the awesome playhouse I scored from our church rummage sale for 20 bucks!

We have some herbs! That one is cilantro. I didn't get photos of the other two (spearmint and basil). I mostly wanted to capture those awesome white flowers behind that pot. Those flowers don't always bloom. I'm not sure why that is.

She's wearing pajamas because it was pajama week at school. I just never bothered to have her change her clothes (we weren't going anywhere today).

Nora took this one.

She took this one as well.

And this.

She wanted you to see the inside of her house.

Nora took this. I'm guessing she wanted you to see the view from her house.

Nora's view from the house again.

And again . . .

Another shot from Nora. I wonder if she meant to capture the bird poo on there.

Moi. By Nora.

This is one of their favorite things to do when it's actually nice enough outside.

Back and forth in the driveway . . . 

Does anyone know what these flowers are, anyway?

Henry's pretending to pick some flowers.

I think he's smacking the flowers, here. He's a violent, little thing sometimes.


I'm so glad this one wasn't blurry like I feared it might be.

Henry loves his Tonka trucks.

He decided to try to ride one today.

He made it work.

Nora decided that was an awesome idea.

The kids actually playing in the playhouse.

They really like it.

There's some sort of fairy tale story that goes here, but I can't think of it right now.