Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Formal Photo from Our Cruise

We did manage to get several formal pictures taken by the random photographers everywhere on the cruise ship. We decided to buy one 'cause we actually thought it was pretty good. Well . . . you can see for yourself. This may end up being my profile pic on a couple things.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Cruise to the Bahamas

As promised, I have photos. Let us begin.

Firstly, I must show you this photo:

I took this photo about a week or so before we left for our trip to try to capture Hobbes out in the snow. If you can see him, note that he has no legs. Hilarious.

Enough of that . . . now, onto the good stuff!

This is Willis in our room just as we checked in.

More of the room (I didn't get a good shot of the bathroom because it was too hard to get a good angle on it).

This is Willi checkin' out the boat.

This is what he was looking at, basically.

Willis is a cruel, cruel man.

We hung out up here a lot . . .

This was a cool boat that we saw as we were getting ready to go on our snorkeling excursion in Freeport. It reminded us a little of Dad's boat.

Willis is clearly thrilled about my need for taking photos.

View of the harbor as we drove out to our snorkeling destination. It was actually kind-of chilly that day—about 65-70 degrees and breezy (I didn't complain too much, though).

Beaches are pretty in the Bahamas . . .


That's the water we snorkeled in. We saw a morray eel swim across the ocean bottom while we were out there. It was pretty cool.

More of the water we snorkeled in . . .

I think Willis swallowed too much salt water while we snorkeled. He didn't feel too well on the way back . . .

Pretty view of the harbor.

Yeah . . . it looked like it was going to storm for a minute.

View of our boat "Sensation" from Freeport's dock.

More of the same . . .

View of the boat from Nassau's dock.

We were actually docked next to a Royal Caribbean boat in Nassau.

More of the same.

Willi's checkin' out Nassau.

They did this to our bed every night. It was pretty cool.

Check out my camera timer skillz from our stateroom. I rule.

Hank and Hobbes on the drive home. They're friends.

Here's a glimpse of me with glasses . . .

And that's about it . . .

It was freakin' sweet.