Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Awesome Sauuuuuce

We have been freaking out (not, like, really freaking out, but we've been really sweating this) over here for about a week because we saw on the website for our insurance that the facility where Henry and I got our ear tubes was, apparently, out-of-network. It was a complete surprise to us: we had even done some research prior to the surgery to be sure, and I guess we misinterpreted things. We've been taking steps to appeal it (as we feel that on the website, it's fairly vague). 

So, as a courtesy to the facility, I called them today to let them know that we would be sending an appeal to our insurance. When I explained it, the woman I spoke with basically goes, "Oh. Well, bring in your EOB, and we'll treat this as though it was in-network, and your balance will be zero."

'Cause that's what it would've been had it been in-network. I won't tell you what the dollar amount actually was that we were about to eat, but . . . I'll just say it was hurty.

I guess this facility does this all the time (treats out-of-network situations as in-network). So . . . pshew!

In the future, we plan to be much more vigilant about this sort of thing. Lesson learned!

Thank God. For reals.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I don't get around to dumping pictures off the camera (or taking them, for that matter) as often as I used to. When I do, however, it's always a pleasant surprise. Here are some photos of what's been happening around here.

Everett's getting cuter.

And more smiley.

Nora still loves her Penguin, in case there was any doubt.

I have been separating Nora and Henry at nap time lately, and once Henry falls asleep, Nora always asks to come back into the same room. When I let her back in to the room yesterday, I about freaked out because I couldn't find Henry anywhere. I knew he was in there. Low and behold, after I tore the room apart, this is where I found him.

Yep. He's really asleep in there. Well done, son. Well done.