Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Henry's Hilarity

The past several times that I've taken Henry to his "preschool," he's walked in singing This Love by Maroon 5. His teacher actually knew what he was singing without me having to tell her. That's probably inappropriate (the song), but it makes him ridiculously happy. Plus, I'm banking on him not realizing that the song is inappropriate until he's 30 (about when I figured out it was inappropriate, actually).

(For the record, preschool is in quotes because he's really just going to a local YMCA childcare center, but it does have a preschool focus!)

This afternoon, I was furious with Nora and Henry because they were not taking a nap (and they really needed one). After much time (and struggling) Henry came out of the bedroom saying, "I'm poopy, Mommy!"

So, I whipped him up, and I started changing his diaper. I must've had a nasty look on my face because he looked at me and goes, "Be happy, Mommy. Be happy. Be smile."

It's amazing how quickly I can move from being practically enraged to heart-melty goo. Little jerk.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Every Mornin' When I Wake Up

Every morning, before Willis leaves for work, it's extremely important that Nora gets hugs and kisses from him. (There has been a couple of times that she forgot that he gave them to her—he always does, by the way—and she sobbed and sobbed thinking he left without loving on her.) After he gives her hugs and kisses, she always yells, "WAIT! DADDY! I have to tell you something!"

He says (even though he knows what she's about to say every time), "What is it?"

"Thank you for coming over here today."

"It was my pleasure."

"Will I ever see you again?"

"You'll see me again this evening."

"Okay! Have fun! Have a good day!"

It's both adorable and strangely heartbreaking at the same time.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nora and Everett Comparisons

I'm trying really hard to find pictures of Nora and Everett wearing the same outfit! I've since resigned to just finding them in similar positions.

Very similarly smiley babies!

Yaaay! Matching outfits and positions!

This has become a serious obsession. Obviously.


Here is another set of kid comparisons (it's a current obsession of mine).

Henry is on the left, and Everett is on the right.

I think Everett may generally be a bit more smiley than Henry was. I'm not sure why that is . . .

Henry's a lot more smiley, now, though.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Kid Comparisons

I found a few pictures yesterday that I had to juxtapose. I probably could've found some more similarities (and may yet still), but I had limited time. I still think it's pretty fun! Check these out!

Do you know who they are?

These are Henry and Everett.

Henry is a month or two younger than Everett in that very top photo comparison, I think, which isn't well done, but . . . you get the idea!

This one is Nora and Everett. 

I need to find one where Nora's head isn't covered because she and Everett totally have the same, little, hairline cowlick!