Friday, March 28, 2008

The Underdog

I don't have much to say today. I just wanted to share in the cuteness a bit.

She's pretty fun. Now, for some photos.

There's a shot of my desk up there. That's my "work at home" setup that I have going. I think I'm going to have to get a big L-shaped desk or something. I have absolutely no spare desk space, and my friend Sara (who also works at home) has enough room on her desk to put her munchkin in a Bumbo seat on it! Lucky duck! I'm thinking about finding some kind of desk surface and getting some short file cabinets for it to sit on, perhaps.

There's also a shot up there of Hobbes in his bed. That's where he sleeps now: on the floor next to our bed.

In other news, I'm pretty sure Nora JUST giggled for the first time. I have my Spoon album on, and she was fussing when The Underdog started playing. So, I picked her up and started dancing with her. I'm definitely positive that she giggled. It was awesome!

Alright . . . she's fussin' again. Gotta go!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A.D.D. Post

Look at this.

Is that not the sweetest thing you've ever seen? I just love it that she sucks her thumb.

In other news: I bought a hard floor attachment for my Bissell Quicksteamer (it's generally for carpet cleaning). I decided to try it out on my downstairs hard floors, and I don't know if anyone could believe how SICK the dirty water was when I was done using it. I had even vacuumed before I used it, and it was still disgusting. I'm thinking that this thing is going to do a better job than my usual mopping. The main reasons I believe this: I'm not using dirty water on the floor, I think that the water is actually hot, and it sucks up the dirt and nastiness! I swear. The Bissell Quicksteamer and the Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber are two smallish investments that I am glad I have made. Now, finding time to actually use them is what is rather difficult.

Last night, I was opening a disposable breast pad before going to bed, and I somehow managed to rip my thumbnail backwards and separate the skin from the nail. There's about an eighth of an inch where my nail and skin are separated near the top of my thumb. It's really gross, and it was really, really painful. I used to have really wussy nails in the past, and now, they're -like- too strong or something. They don't bend over like they used to. This is my second serious fingernail incident since I got pregnant.

I got a lot of clothes this weekend. A lot. I need to make room in my closet for sure (by getting rid of stuff), and I have to figure out a way to have Willis share the closet with me. This is proving to be interesting. I need to think like an engineer or something. I also need to find time to actually do that.

Right now, I'm waiting for my work computer to load again. It's serious.

By the way, you guys realize the stingrays are taking over the world, right? They're terrorists! Have you heard about the woman from Michigan who got killed by one in the Florida Keys? It leaped onto her boat and killed her! This is -like- the third stingray incident in the span of about two years or so. I'm creeped. Really, really creeped.

If it weren't so flipping windy outside right now, it'd actually be a really lovely day. I suppose it makes it easier to be inside working when it's like this, though. So, there's that.

Man . . . this thing is STILL loading. Holy crap. Let's goooo.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend

This weekend was hardcore. I'm seriously tired. We went to Seymour Saturday morning for Willi's Great Uncle's funeral (I didn't attend the funeral. I actually got to sit at Willi's Aunt's house with Nora while he went with his siblings). There was a luncheon afterwards, and Willi and his siblings came to get me from the Aunt's house for it. So, some of the Brown family got to meet Nora for the first time, which was nice. There are some photos of that up there.

Saturday afternoon, we went over to my parents and hung out with them for awhile. We ate dinner there, and I went through clothes with Mom (and Nora) while Dad and Willi hung out in the living room. It didn't seem like we were there very long, and I didn't have much opportunity to take photos, unfortunately. Maybe when they stop by this week, I'll get some good ones.

Saturday night, we went to Lafayette to hang out with Amanda and Ian. We haven't seen Ian since Nora was born, so we wanted to hang out with him. I stayed up much later that evening than I thought I could, and I'm still recovering from that today. I'm sure Willis is exhausted, and I know Nora is exhausted, too. Even Hobbes is exhausted. He went to bed at -like- 6 p.m. last night, and he didn't want to wake up this morning when Willis got up. In fact, he went back to bed after Willis left for work.

Speakin' of Hobbes: do you see his awesome bandanna? Amanda gave that to him. It's so awesome. I think he likes it. He's all stylish in it. He had a good time this weekend with his doggy cousin Riley.

Sunday, Scott and Mary came home from Hawaii, and we went to lunch with them, Ian, and Amanda. We came back to the house after a bit to visit afterwards. Liz and Cal came by to meet Nora for the first time—Liz had mentioned on Facebook that she wanted to meet Nora. So, I was glad she finally got to meet her.

Then, Willi and I came home, and we basically spent the whole evening on our bums watchingThe Bourne Ultimatum and The Sound of Music. Believe it or not, I've never seen The Sound of Music all the way through. We missed the very beginning last night, too, so I still have never seen it all the way through. I saw more of it last night than I've ever seen, though.

Nora spent more time in the car than she's ever spent, and while she was a stinkin' angel the whole time, she still got really tired of being in that car seat. Poor kid. She cried a couple of times while we were in transit, and it was the saddest sounding cry I've ever heard. She slept really well for us last night. I think it's just because she was exhausted. I'd love to catch a nap with her this afternoon, but I really can't. There's too much to do.

I need to clean and organize my house again. Badly. In fact, that's what I really need to be doing right now.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday . . . NOT! (Weather-wise, that is.)

Oh, man. This kid is fun! As you can see, I've uploaded some photos and video of recent days. Nora has been doing some new things lately. She's consistently finding her thumb (I actually got a really good picture of her sucking her thumb today, and that'll post next time), she's lifting her head during tummy time, she's getting more into cooing and shouting and making different noises, and she's just generally an awesomely good baby. We are having so much stinking fun with her, it's not even funny. I just never had an inkling as to how much I'd be in love with a baby, but I will tell you that it's pretty serious. I just want to squoosh her all day long!

I am really relieved right now because I just finished a major project for work. That's a load off my shoulders and my mind. It was rocky because it was the first thing I did when I started back, and it, most likely, will be the most difficult thing that I'll be doing for awhile. So, I guess that was a good preview of what is to come. I think since I handled that project, I can handle anything they throw at me now. The best part is: I get to be with my baby. I love that.

If you haven't seen it yet, you need to look at the photo of Willis and Nora sleeping. I can't stop smiling at that. I think that was even the night that Nora had barfed on the bed (awhile before I took that photo). She's been doing some projectile vomiting for me lately. It's not been every day, but it's been -like- every three days or so. It's good times.

Willi's great uncle passed away yesterday, so I think we're going to be making a trip to Seymour tomorrow morning to get to the funeral. Oof. Nora's first funeral. That's a sad thought.

It snowed today, by the way. Yeah. It's Good Friday and the first day of Spring. What the crap, Mother Nature? This is neither Good nor is it Spring-like. Jerk.

This may gross some people out, but I tried pumping for the first time today. I only pumped about three ounces. I wanted to try it to see if Nora would take a bottle if I ever have to leave her. She definitely didn't take the bottle from me. So, I'm going to try to have Willis give her a bottle tonight when he gets home. We'll see if someone else can give her a bottle. The pump is pretty sweet, though. It was really easy to use—I don't know why I was so nervous to use it! Thanks, Julie!

If she doesn't take the bottle from Willis, we might have to get him a fake boob.


I know I'm obsessed with taking videos of my kid, but I enjoy them. Hopefully you will, too. I don't think I've uploaded these to facebook, and I may not since I have them on here. I'm trying to decide which I find easier. I definitely know that uploading to both is not easier. So . . . we'll see. I know that the grandparents can't look at facebook. So, maybe I should keep posting them here instead.

Okay, it's definitely time for me to get some lunch. I'm starving, and I think Nora might be, too. I hear her smacking her thumb down here on the floor. (Sidenote: sometimes she gags herself with her thumb. It's so stinking sad.)

Dilly out.