Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Forgot a Couple of Kid Things


What going on here, guys?
Whenever I am making Henry laugh, Nora will come running over saying, "What going on here, guys?"

It makes me laugh every single time—and not just because of what she's saying. Her face is always inquisitive, too.

Baby Jesus and manger
Nora still keeps talking about Baby Jesus and the manger every time we eat lunch together. (I had a nativity scene in our built-in china cabinet that is in our dining room over the Christmas season.) She keeps saying, "Baby Jesus sleep, Mommy?"

"Until next year, Nora."

Sometimes, when I'm changing her diaper (which is rare now, by the way), she'll ask me to sing "Santa Town." For those of us on the home team, that means "Santa Claus is Coming to Town."

I always tell her that he's going to come next Christmas. Sheesh.

Doggy Song!
My parents sent Nora an eCard for her birthday that had a sweet, Jamaican song on it sang by some Rastafarian doggies. Her birthday was over a month ago, and would you believe that kid is still asking to hear that song nearly every day?

Here's the link to that card.

I mean: it is kind-of catchy. I know all the words now since I have to sing it on demand sometimes.


Growing out of all of his six months clothes already.
Yep. Le sigh.


I've also lost 15 pounds. If I were doing the Biggest Loser competition at work, I'd be in third place. Alas, I am not. I am still a big loser.

The Happenin's of the Chillin's

I haven't had much time to blog lately, but I've been keeping a running list of things to mention. Here's where I address all those things.


Helping Henry at nap time.
Every day, I lay Henry down for a morning nap. Every morning, Nora has to "help" him sleep. That means she needs to turn on every single noise-making device that is in the room in which he sleeps. One might think, "How many noise-making devices can there be, Jenny?"

The answer is three. Three. Some are louder than others.

Being scared, and being scared of the monster this morning.
Lately, Nora has been saying that she's scared. I'm not sure where this is coming from, but this morning, she actually said to Willis (as he pulled her out of bed), "Scared!"

He said, "Scared of what?"

She said, "Monster!"

What? Where did she get that?

Saying, "No!"
Nora has suddenly decided to start telling me "No!"

I'm not sure what that's all about. Or, maybe I do know what that's about. She's two, I guess.

Saying, "Good job, Mommy!"
She constantly says, "Good job, Mommy!" about everything I do. I rather enjoy that. It gives me a strangely awesome confidence boost (she even says this to me when we go to the bathroom together).

Saying, "Mommy . . . Mommy"
Nora's started saying my name just for the sport of saying my name. (Sometimes, she'll even throw me off by going, "Jenny!")

I'll equate that behavior with this video. Enjoy.

Potty Training
Nora's been doing great with potty training. We haven't moved to underwear yet (she tends to have accidents when underwear is involved). For now, she's just roaming about pants-less.

Brushing Teeth
She loves to brush her teeth, and she follows my every move. Even when I spit.

ABCs, Shapes, and Colors
She's doing really well with ABCs, shapes, and colors these days. I need to get some video of this.

Climbing out of her crib.
Today, she flopped out of her crib after her nap. Instead of crying (she hit the ground pretty hard), she goes, "I did it, Mom!"


That kid has a belly laugh that could melt all the snow outside. We just don't get out there.

He's getting good with his hand-eye coordination lately. He's also made an important, um, discovery . . . about himself.

Being Silly
He actually will make silly noises to get Nora's attention. It doesn't always work, but when it does, it's pretty funny to watch.

His Love for Daddy
He lights up when Daddy gets home. I think he loves the sound of his voice.

Both kids are kind-of on borrowed time at the moment. I've probably pushed my time on here a bit long. Gotta run!

Photos From, Like, the Whole Month of February

Reaggers, Henry, and Molly Gracie

Uncle Ken and Henry (Ken finally got to hold 'im!)

Shh. Julie doesn't know that what she's holding is a dog instead of a baby. Don't tell 'er. Look at her. She looks so happy.

Henry at lunch.

Don't mind the ever-present eye bogey.

He's serious.

Yep. She has food on her face, and that is a pajama top. What are you going to do?

Yeah. There aren't a lot of photos there. I've been rather busy.

Deeeenied and Twinkle, Twinkle


Twinkle, Twinkle

Monday, February 22, 2010


Henry cut his first tooth over the weekend. I suppose that explains the screaming.

Friday, February 19, 2010

She's a Pro

Two times today, I have found Nora washing her hands after dumping out her potty into the toilet. The kid is actually going in the potty and cleaning it up herself.

Mind you, she makes a decent, water mess all over the bathroom each time, but at least it's not, like, fecal matter and urine all over the place. It's water she's splashed all over the place from the sink.

I wasn't really expecting her to get all grown up on me so fast. I'm not sure how I feel about all this.

I know I love changing less diapers, but . . . wow! Wait a second, kid!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Two Penguins!

Yesterday, we lost Nora's penguin. We have a stunt-double penguin on hand at all times when this happens. I searched the house high and low, and I finally quit the good fight. So, she got her stunt-double.

Just moments ago, while I was working hard for a deadline, Nora came up here with both penguins in her arms exclaiming, "Two penguins!"

She obviously has a preference for the original penguin, and she's been making them hug and kiss. I explained to her that we have two so that we always have one if we lose one. I don't think she quite understood what I was saying, nor did she care—she was holding two penguins!

I also asked her where she found the other penguin, and the rat wouldn't tell me. I do wonder where she found him. It is fascinating.

She's still going strong with the potty! How cool is that? I just have to change diapers at nap time and bed time right now! Wheee!

Monday, February 15, 2010

What the Deuce?

Today is a day that will be remembered. Nora had her first, intentional "movement" in the potty.

I am thrilled.

We're already going through less diapers (albeit, they are cloth—so less laundry) around here, and that alone is boosting my motherhood morale. Big time. Sometimes, changing the diapers of two children all day long can make a girl weary. And a bit weepy—depending on the day.

The fact that this day has come is extra surprising: we were visiting my parents this weekend, and she was in diapers throughout that visit. It wasn't particularly reassuring that she really used them. In fact, I under packed when it came to diapers for her (I didn't anticipate the sheer volume of, um, stuff).

Today, she even went all morning without "wet incidents," and used the potty every time! I never would've dreamed that this kid would be willing already—she's just 2 years and a month old! (Mind you, I'm reminding myself that potty training doesn't really happen overnight. I know that there's a good possibility we could be celebrating these little "wins" for over a year from now. I'm just thrilled to be celebrating a win at all!)

In other similar news, Nora doesn't seem to mind that Henry is now sitting in her high chair while she sits in a booster seat at the table. He wanted to join us. He likes it. I think Nora does, too (although, she is jealous that he gets toys instead of dinner).

In other news that is not of the similar variety, it is snowing again. On alllll the different hiiiiiighways.

The end.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Little Person

It's possible that I've mentioned this before, but whenever I hear Nora crash or fall down, I always ask, "Ya okay, kid?"

She always says, "I fine," even if she's choking back some tears. Sometimes, it's so sad.

I just dropped an adapter on the floor while she was still in her room napping, and she heard it. She yelled, "Ya okay?"

I had to answer her (because she kept asking), "I'm fine."

Moments later, I went in there to grab her out of bed, and she yelled, "Good morning, Mommy!"

I bumped my foot on the bed as I pulled her out, and she must've thought I hit my head. She said something about my head, and then she said, "I so sorry, Mommy."

Her face was so serious and concerned. She cracks me up!


Facebook video.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

More Pictures of the Henry-Holding

Nora's pretty adamant that she should be holding Henry constantly now.

She's wiping up his drool here.


Henry doesn't mind it.

She's giving him a kiss. How sweet is that?

Loving on him.

She's telling me something here, but I don't remember what it was.

I think these two are going to be good, little buddies.

More Cuteness with the Siblings

I Hold Him, Mommy!

Bathroom Talk

In other news, Nora has been doing awesomely with the potty. She has been consistently peeing in it for the past two days (I didn't push this on her, she requested nakedness).

She hasn't pooped in the toilet yet, and I don't really expect her to.

I am completely thrilled that she's even remotely consistent with the pee, though. (She's been going pantsless with the occasional big-girl undies—all by request.)

We had one slight accident when Daddy pulled into the driveway last night, but I'll chalk that one up to excitement. As soon as I caught her, I put her on the potty, and she peed again. So, I wasn't bothered by it. Plus, the mess she made wasn't bad at all.

She absolutely loves to flush the toilet, so as a reward for her proper pee placement, I allow her to flush the toilet (after we dump her pee into the big potty). Then we wash hands—another favorite bathroom past time of my little lady (she likes to wash her hands and sing the ABC song like her OCD mother taught her).

Boy. That lack of money I spent on that potty from my Freecycle list has really paid off! (I'm patting myself on the back, in case you were curious.) (And, yes. I did buy another potty prior to the Freecycle potty from NOVA for 15 bucks, and that poor, little potty will most likely become a planter. I was a bit naïve about that purchase. I'll admit it.)

Nora's supposed to be getting a new booster seat from UPS tomorrow (I got a Prince Lionheart rubber booster—see photo below)! I read a lot of reviews on this puppy. It's supposed to be a better value than its more expensive counterpart—the BabySmart Cooshee.

I'm so excited! This means that once it arrives, Henry will be able to sit in the high chair with us at dinner time. He's not eating solids yet, but at least the poor kid can join us at the table like he so badly wants. We've put him in the Bumbo seat at the table a few times, but the bugger can wiggle out of that business. It makes for some nervous dinner posture for all parties involved.

Gotta go for now.

Nora Hold Henry, Mom?

This morning, Nora asked to hold Henry for the first time ever. So, I let her, and then I grabbed a camera.

He loves her. I love the little tuft of hair on the top/back of his head.

She's peeking around me to try to watch TV. Lovely.

Now, she plays with Henry while he watches TV.

She's pointing to that basketball and saying, "Circle."

It was sunny out today, so that means it was sunny in today as well.

I should've maybe gone to close the curtain. I was kind-of afraid to walk away, though.

Henry loves his Johnny Jump Up now.

Doesn't he look so grown up here? When did that happen!?

This is getting to be more fun than it already was.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Blog-Worthy Incident

Nora and I called Willis a little while ago from my office phone, and after we hung up, Nora continued to play with the phone. She typically will hit some buttons (I always check to see if she calls real numbers or the operator), and nothing comes of it (or, eventually, the "off the hook" sound will happen).

I just got off the phone with a fairly hostile woman who was hell-bent on finding out why I was calling her like crazy.

Le sigh.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Life, Bullet-Style (and in No Particular Order)

  • Henry has become the sleeper, and Nora has become the night-waker. I'm not sure what's up with that, but it is sad.
  • During the day, Nora is the napper and Henry is the nap-fighter. There is no rest for the mommies. Evah.
  • I am down eight pounds. (I think we are four weeks into this thing.)
  • I was concerned about getting hours for work recently, and as soon as I got all worried about it, I got bombarded. So, that's both awesome and nutty. (This also explains my lack of blog posts.)
  • I made Nora a new diaper cover recently (for her giant, night-time bum). I am in the process of making a second, and I hope to get some photos of those. I actually used a pattern this time, and the one I have finished seems to be doing the trick. I am making them out of red fleece, and I'm using metal button snaps. I'm quite proud of myself.
  • Henry is teething. Yep.
  • Nora is teething, too (molars or something). Even better.
  • I watched Groundhog Day on Groundhog Day. I should own that movie. Nobody is nearly as excited about it as I am. This is what I have learned.
  • I get a bit squeamish when I see obvious exclamations of love on Facebook. If you've bore the brunt of my outward, unkind squeamishness, I am sorry. I can't help myself. I can't make any promises to stop, but I'll promise to try. (And no: this behavior flaw of mine does not indicate that I think my husband is a putz.) I say this because Valentine's Day is coming up, and I thought I should probably pre-apologize in case things get out of hand.
  • Nora is not potty trained, but she shows a smidgen more interest in it every three days.
  • I am having a love affair with mustard because not only is it low in calories, but it is also delicious.
  • I hope Drew Brees and the Colts win the Superbowl (and no: I'm not saying that I want the Saints to win. Drew Brees can "win" without "winning").
  • I secretly hope that Peyton Manning and Justin Timberlake commercials (typically Sony, but I don't care who the company is or the message unless it's about a website for having extramarital affairs) make up 80% of the advertising during the Superbowl.
  • Willis will be gone a good chunk of this weekend for work. Sad face.
That's about all of it, really.

Aaaaand scene!

In Case You Missed It . . .


What the Kids Look Like (in Case You Forgot)

Nora has bangs now. (I cut them. And, yes, it was about impossible.)
I love this sweater.

Levi jeans (thanks, Bergrens)!


Naked time.

Drool string. Booya!

Think. Think. Think.

More thinking.

He looks depressed, doesn't he?

Le sigh.

What a life.

Nora wanted her penguin to "sit Mickey's wap" (Translation: sit in Mickey's lap).

The cat doesn't bolt immediately anymore.

He endures a little bit.

He's getting ready to bolt here.

Hi, buddy.

Beebee Videos

He Only Laughs for Nora

The camera cut out just as he started to laugh. Darn it.