Friday, August 8, 2014

Death!? Not Today!

The kids and I were having a nice, calm morning in my bed—taking turns telling jokes. Then, we heard what sounded like furniture falling down stairs (only, we don't have stairs) coming down our hallway toward my bedroom. The only reason I didn't go and hide under the bed with the rest of the kids is because as the noise reached my room, I heard our dog yelp. He came into the room, seemingly unharmed but looking shamed.

I ran down the hall to see what the heck he must've been stuck to in the hallway and saw nothing. Then, I heard the sound again. It was coming from Ev's room. I looked under the crib to see our cat with completely black eyes. Also, there was a paper Olive Garden bag that Willis had brought home from work last night with him. It all started to come together.

After I let the kids give the cat some space, he finally came out from under the crib . . . with the paper bag still attached. He's free and OK, now, but I really wish I had a surveillance camera in the hallway to capture what the heck went down out there.

We kind-of all thought we were going to die for a minute. But, no. Hilarity.