Friday, June 27, 2008

Weddin' Bells

My brother's getting married this evening. It's going to be beautiful. I just know it.

Hopefully, I'll be able to get some good photos, but if not, I may be able to score some later to share. Nora gets to wear her poofy dress today! I hope she doesn't freak!

I've got lots to share, but I need to get going. I'll post again soon, hopefully!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Two Photos of Nora

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I took these this morning. I just thought they were sweet. (It's more than just a clever shirt.)

Patio Project

This section of photos is from when we started the project over vacation back in May.

And this section of photos, I took this morning. We worked some more on finishing the patio last night, and it's getting there: slowly but surely. There are also some other photos of things that we've done to improve the general look of the yard, etc. around the house. 

It's amazing what two people (with a little help from family, of course) can do if they try.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hurry Up, Work Computer!

These are some photos from Father's Day weekend and today. The ones of Nora lying on the floor are from a little while ago. She was eating her first book. It was precious.

Nora did a little better going to bed last night. I actually got her down into her crib without much fussing (she started to fuss when I laid her down when she was asleep, and then I stroked her hair, arms, etc. That put her to sleep). She has been napping well for me today. She's actually on nap number two, and I have a feeling she'll end up taking another before the day is through (if she wakes up from this one soon).

Yesterday, when I vacuumed with Nora strapped to my back in a Snuggli, she passed out really hard. I was able to take her out and lay her down in her crib. After I laid her down, she slept for almost three hours! I was able to get some stuff done around the house, and then I even ran outside and mowed/trimmed the yard right quick whilst she snoozed. I would run up next to the house every few minutes to listen for her on the monitor, and it amazed me that I'd hear nothing every time (since she's not been napping well). When I came back indoors, I walked up the stairs to go do some work up there, and she woke up as I was walking down the hall. I'm pretty sure she heard me, and that's what woke her.

Nora just recently started doing a silly noise with her mouth. She sticks out her tongue and blows, and I really think she's trying to be funny with it! She always does it, and then she looks at me with this hopeful smile that says something like, "Isn't that funny, Mom? Laugh!"

And I do laugh. Every time. So does Daddy.

Willi and I watched Alpha Dog last night. That movie is really violent, but it's more sad than anything. Bah. It was a decent movie, I guess, if you don't mind violence, language, and sadness in your movies. I'm not sure I'm the type that does. A violent movie is one thing, but when you hit a scope of sad that nails me where it hurts, I struggle a bit.

In other news, I posted another painting on Jenny Brown Design. Feel free to check it out.

We're still not done with our patio, by the way, but we hope to be done with that by the end of this week. We're getting closer. We have the bricks we need now (we grabbed some while we were at my parents' house on Sunday), so we just have to get out there and do it.

It's beautiful outside: I hope to get out there for a bit and enjoy it. Maybe I should get Hobbes over to the dog park today before I run over to the grocery.

For now, I'm waiting for a PDF to load for work, and as soon as that's done, I'm going to eat some lunch with or without my little Nora pie. It depends on if she wakes or not whether she'll be dining with me. I have a feeling that she'll wake (she's sleeping on me). I may give her some oatmeal cereal again. I gave her some on Monday for the first time, and she really seemed to like it. I gave her rice cereal yesterday, and she gave me this look like, "Where's the other stuff?"

Nora's not a serious solid eater: it's more for recreation right now. I started doing it just to see if she would like it, and she seems to. So, she eats cereal maybe once a day. I haven't introduced anything else, but I might once she starts sitting up on her own a little better. I haven't ventured away from anything that doesn't involve breast milk. It just doesn't feel right to me quite yet.

I'm ready for lunch! Hurry up, work computer!