Friday, May 28, 2010

Outdoorsy Types

We've spent a lot more time outside since we've got this fence thing going on.
It makes for good pictures. Have a looksie.

I love him.

Sprinkler's on!


"Whoo DO doo!"

"What the . . .?"

Henry no likey.

She's probably trying to write on my butt with that chalk. She looks innocent, though.

It's on!

Playing with her chalk.

She's a bit OCD sometimes. I know she's trying to meet them up perfectly here.
She's funny like that, and I get it. I get it.


She was trying to see if chalk is like a Slinky, and would you believe that it isn't?

Hobbes photo bomb.

Henry army crawls, but he does a lot of this (rocking back and forth).

Action shot.

He's focused.

Hobbes photo bomb!


He tried blueberries, and he was rather pleased with himself.


We're gearing up for a wedding weekend in Seymour, Indiana!
I plan to take some photos at that bizness! Stay tuned!

House, Yard, and Flowers

This is what's goin' on outside our house these days:

That big beach ball is a sprinkler, and it is sweet.

Our house needs painted. Sigh. But . . . oh, yes. Look at the flowers.

Flowers on the patio.

Flowers by the driveway.

Our front steps. The sun was setting as I decided to run out and take pictures.

That thing used to hold our newspapers that we weren't reading. We have since
started to actually read them. So, this beast needed to go back outside.

This is the best this rhododendron has looked. Ever. I did cut some limbs off of the bottom
of them last year. I wonder if that helped. The weather is better this time, too.

Front steps again.

Not bad, right? Meh.

Go, Goosey-Goosey!

Me: "Nora! Get over here right now!"
Nora: "No! I'm going to ride the goose!"

Yep. That happened. Then, she climbed onto the concrete goose that's in our neighbor's flower bed and said, "Go, Goosey-Goosey!"

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday!

Hey, It's Okay . . .

. . . to be sad that you didn't get to read this girl's "Hey, It's Okay Tuesday" before you write yours.

. . . to want to slap a dude at the auto department of the local Walmart (apparently, this is the only place in town that has the correct tire size for our Pacifica) when he tells you that they only have one tire in stock . . . especially since you called ahead of time to see how busy things were (because you would be insane to drag two kids over there without calling ahead).

And, yes, I told them what kind of car I had, the tire size, etc. when I called the first time.

And, how the crap do they end up with just one tire in stock? Oh. I think I know. Read on.

. . . to eat McDonald's with your kids in a shopping cart while sitting on a bench in the middle of the Michigan City Walmart auto department. (If they were going to tell me I couldn't, someone was probably going to die.)

"You don't want to see my toddler/preschooler hungry, people. She's already tired. That's one strike against us. Back off."

. . . to say, "Um. No," in the most irritated voice possible when the dude at my local Walmart says, "Do you want us to put the one tire on?"

Seriously, dude? How did you get this job?

And, yes. I had to go from the La Porte Walmart to the Michigan City Walmart to get my flipping tires.

. . . to love the fact that Walmart has a mini-toilet for potty training kids . . . or really little people.

. . . to hate the fact that Walmart doesn't have a sink for potty training kids . . . or really little people.

Seriously, Walmart?

. . . to not fight that urge to put people off when they start getting snarky with you in their requests.

. . . to want someone to come wash your car. And sweep it out. And not freak out at how much food is on the floor or how much dog hair there is in there.

. . . to also want that person to go ahead and spray some water on you while you lay in a chair outside and take a nap. Not too much, though. Just a mist.

Might as well, right? RIGHT?

. . . to be in a right foul mood. Just for today.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Uh, Oh!

Henry says, "Uh, Oh!" and Nora has an OCD obsession with placing the "stuffed" Hobbes next to the "real" Hobbes. Oh, and she wants help with her shoes.

My Little Apple

She decided to be goofy for me here.

I think we're going to have some good times with this one. Call it a hunch.

This Whole Concept is Lost on Henry . . .

He'll get it . . . eventually. Nora wasn't really on board with it, either, I guess.

French Bread

I baked this a week ago today, and I was (and still am) very, very proud of myself.

Yep. That's French bread. It was tasty. The end.

My Happy Bebe Henry

Recently, my little Henry has taken to making a squishy, cheese face. Most of these photos happened while I was trying to capture it. Enjoy!

I almost got it there!

(We're still in the process of painting our fence. Please ignore.)

He's army crawling now, too, by the way.