Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Lena's Bachelorette Party

I'm sorry to all of those who may view me as a well-behaved woman, but I have to show this photo . . . because it's really funny. It's from Lena's Bachelorette party.

Okay . . . I know that this picture needs some explanation. Well, here you go:

In the background, you see a guy who's staring at us. That's Kelly. He was in our wedding, he's a great guy (Willi and I like him lots), and he's the one responsible for this poor soul (mostly hidden by us) being handcuffed to the blow-up doll that Melissa and I are dancing on.

I think the white blur you see in the lower left corner is probably Lena who was standing there laughing at us.

I also made that doll do the robot and many other premium dance moves because I am a premium dancer.
That's probably one of the best times I've ever had at the Cactus . . . (I generally don't really like the place . . . not unless there's lots of fun and crazy, premium dancing.)

Hahahahaha! 'Nuff said. Gotta run.