Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baby Brother Everett

Here are some recent photos of the family and baby Everett.

Grandpa came to meet Everett last Friday morning.

Yep. Nora's in a diaper.

This is may be one of three photos of Scott smiling. Soak it in, people!

Nora can't just smile for me anymore. There's got to be some sort of weird face involved. I don't know where she gets that. (Teehee.)

She really loves to hold him.

Henry was lovin' and snugglin' on his Aunt Amanda.

Henry held Everett for the first time ever this morning.

He was shockingly gentle.

Look at his serious, little face! Such importance! And, then, there's Nora.

This photo is actually quite funny, and I didn't realize it at the time.

We're working on the proper way to sit while wearing a dress . . . Look at Everett's face!

Again, I don't know where she gets it. Hah.

We're surviving!

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