Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I don't get around to dumping pictures off the camera (or taking them, for that matter) as often as I used to. When I do, however, it's always a pleasant surprise. Here are some photos of what's been happening around here.

Everett's getting cuter.

And more smiley.

Nora still loves her Penguin, in case there was any doubt.

I have been separating Nora and Henry at nap time lately, and once Henry falls asleep, Nora always asks to come back into the same room. When I let her back in to the room yesterday, I about freaked out because I couldn't find Henry anywhere. I knew he was in there. Low and behold, after I tore the room apart, this is where I found him.

Yep. He's really asleep in there. Well done, son. Well done.

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  1. That is a skill. Hone that.Also, your tiniest chipmunk looks delicious.