Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Henry's Hilarity

The past several times that I've taken Henry to his "preschool," he's walked in singing This Love by Maroon 5. His teacher actually knew what he was singing without me having to tell her. That's probably inappropriate (the song), but it makes him ridiculously happy. Plus, I'm banking on him not realizing that the song is inappropriate until he's 30 (about when I figured out it was inappropriate, actually).

(For the record, preschool is in quotes because he's really just going to a local YMCA childcare center, but it does have a preschool focus!)

This afternoon, I was furious with Nora and Henry because they were not taking a nap (and they really needed one). After much time (and struggling) Henry came out of the bedroom saying, "I'm poopy, Mommy!"

So, I whipped him up, and I started changing his diaper. I must've had a nasty look on my face because he looked at me and goes, "Be happy, Mommy. Be happy. Be smile."

It's amazing how quickly I can move from being practically enraged to heart-melty goo. Little jerk.

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