Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday!

I haven't had a Tuesday worthy of a good rant in awhile, but today, there just happened to be enough material for it. Amber and Sara did it first. I copied. Truth. 

Hey, It's Okay . . .

To believe that God gave me the blessing of closing on the house in La Porte yesterday just so that I could handle the slapfest that would happen to me today.

To look forward to the day when I can have a second to look forward to things. I am doing way too much "flying by the seat of my pants" lately. That house closing was supposed to help, but I guess it's still been less than 24 hours since that happened.

To be glad that my baby can't quite talk yet for fear that he might repeat some of the words that I've uttered (somewhat loudly) under my breath (or not) today.

To not really be able to focus on positive part of the fact that the floor in the basement might be a little cleaner now that I had to mop it. By all the gross, gross drains.

To think about not including the part where I stepped on a toy, fell, and dumped my mop bucket on a large area of the basement (and on carpet, stuffed animals, toys, and linoleum) because it's just so, so stupid. Aaaand, my foot still hurts.

To be really looking forward to work slowing down (even a little would be lovely) after this week. (Seriously. I had a severe deadline today AND my sump pump decided not to work this morning.)

To want to drop everything to make an awesome penguin backpack for Nora for school . . . but there's no way that I'll have time to do it.

To look forward to the day when Henry stops saying, "Hey, Mom," before EVERYTHING that he says—even if he has just said it in the prior sentence and still holds my attention.

To not mention at least one of the things that happened today that is rant-worthy because it's just too gross. That one will just be for Willis. Just know that something else gross and rant-worthy happened. Okay? It actually wasn't poo-related, believe it or not. (That one was two weeks ago.)

To actually prefer the poo-related grossness incident(s) that happened all in one day to all the things that were happening today.

To think that every single mole and freckle (and we all have a million of them) is a tick . . . with lyme disease.

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