Monday, December 3, 2012

Having Kids is Hilarious

After school today, Nora asked me to draw her a Santa hat so she could cut it out and write a letter to Santa on it. I fully expected her to ask for something for Christmas in this letter, but, no. It was a prep-letter for when she plans to see him in person this Sunday. Check it out. (She had actually tried to write the letter herself, but she wanted me to translate it for her over the top of what she wrote.)

Nora's Letter to Santa 2012057
"I love you, Santa, but please don't 'Ho Ho' in my face. Thanks, Nora."

I'm pretty sure she did this because we watched A Christmas Story last night. She seemed a bit taken aback that a kid would actually freak out in Santa's lap. So, to prevent that sort of incident for herself, she's taking precautions.

I'm pretty sure she's Willi's daughter. I am pretty sure I've never thought that far ahead, like, ever.

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