Friday, February 19, 2016

We Survived Disney, February 15-18, 2016

Well, we did it. We went to Disney. It was a brief trip—just Monday through Thursday morning. We packed a lot of action in that time with two days at the Magic Kingdom.

Here are some of my absolute favorite pics from the trip.

This was our kids' first time ever flying! We chose Spirit Airlines.

Henry, Ev, and Nora just moments after arriving at our resort, Port Orleans Riverside (our room ended up being at Alligator Bayou).

Best photo ever from the teacups: our first ride at Disney.

Of all the things we were worried that would freak out Ev (like Pirates of the Caribbean), he was most horrified by the Enchanted Tales with Belle when the magic mirror turned into a door. It took about half a day for him to recover.

Misty moisty morning on our way to Cinderella's Royal Table breakfast.

Best photo of the kids in front of the castle.

Here is the WHOLE album shared via Google Photos.

Thanks to tips from several good, thoughtful pals, our short trip was eventful and efficient! The kids had a blast. In fact, Henry kind-of broke down on the way home saying he wanted to go back. Poor guy.

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