Tuesday, November 18, 2008

An Assortment

Floyd came yesterday to deliver the stuff that he had already picked up for the bathrooms (and to tell me what I needed to do to prepare for them to begin to work). He still had more to get, though (and I knew that: I still had the paint swatches). He also came to collect our first half of the payment. So . . . I really hope he gets crackin'. He was supposed to be here this morning between seven and eight, and it's already a quarter after eight. It is snowing really, really hard right now, though (and there's already four to six inches on the ground). So, I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt . . . for about another half hour.

When in her room, Nora crawls over to her crib and tries to grab out her penguin. She usually gets him one way or the other, and when she does, she sits down with him and immediately sucks her thumb (as she grabs him, she usually does a little grunt of joy and a bit of a wiggle as she squeezes him close to her). Sometimes, she even tries to curl up with him right there on the hard floor. It's so sad-looking when she does it. It's like, "Oh, kid. Let me put you in your bed."

She did this last night, and she was most certainly ready to go to bed. It was really sweet. It was her little way of saying, "I'm ready for bed, Mom."

I really need to wash that penguin, but it's never convenient to do it. She needs it for, like, every nap (and she's taking two a day right now). I'm thinking I should get a stunt double. That may be the only way I can keep him clean!

As I just typed the previous paragraph, I was watching out of the corner of my eye as Nora pulled some fuzz off of the rug and started to put it in her mouth. I caught her before she got it in there, but I'm not kidding when I say that I'm constantly pulling stuff out of this kid's mouth. I never realized there was enough small, scary stuff laying around for this sort of thing, but apparently, there's nothing I can do about it (even if I vacuum a lot). Heck. Sometimes she's eating those stupid ladybugs that show up in everybody's houses this time of year. Those guys come out of nowhere!

As much as the snow may be to blame for the tardiness of my contractor, it really is pretty right now. I just hope Willis fares well in it on his drive home later. It took him about an hour to get to work today. It's days like these where I am grateful for our SUV. A Chevy Cavalier coupe just doesn't cut it in this weather.

I've got a lot of work to do today. So, I'm gonna peel. Catch you kids later.

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