Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday!

I know this girl. I got this idea from her.

However, I guess she got this idea from this girl. I don't know her, but I think if I did, I'd probably be okay with her.

Hey, It's Okay . . .

. . . to not replace all the mechanical/electrical things that keep croaking all at once just because you're afraid that everything will croak all over again at the same time in five more years.

. . . if your toddling son has an obsession with a beaded necklace.

Yeah. It matches his outfit.

. . . to still curse yourself for not getting all four wisdom teeth out the first two times that you had the chance. (Getting the bottom two out tomorrow. Yay.)

. . . to love it that your kids share the same zone-out face.

. . . to want to cry right along with your preschooler when you find out that school is canceled by a sign on the front door of the school. (It was supposed to be picture day, too, so I had her all dolled up and ready for "cheese.")

. . . to be bummed that the dent that happened to your new range didn't happen on the side that would be hidden so that you could get an extra 10% off . . . and have, you know, a range at your disposal.

. . . if you have a dog that broke a panel off your new fence (reinforced with a chain, no less) to escape because he just couldn't handle living an hour without you. (Actually, I tend to think that this isn't okay.)

. . . to be really glad that we don't know how well we're going to sleep each night. It's always nice to have the hope that maybe "tonight will be the night" that we get to sleep from when our head hits the pillow until the time we need to wake up in the morning. Le sigh.

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  1. They canceled preschool by putting up a sign?Um... can they do that?That sounds like something I'd do one day when I just didn't feel like getting up.That just sounds like code for: Hangover! No sudden movements!