Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nora's Preschool Easter Program 2011

The following few photos and video are all that I was able to collect before my kids (the only ones, mind you) went totally haywire during the preschool program. Remember back when I used to talk about Nora doing really well with that at the beginning of the year? Yeah . . .

That's what Henry did for the first five minutes.

Nora's face cracks me up in this one. (She's on the right in a navy blue dress.)

She's watching the three-year-old class sing their song right here.

I'm not sure what's happening here, but I thought this was a cute shot of her hair.

Then, Henry decided to run up front and find Nora. (Note his backpack: he has to match Nora when we take her to school. It's a "thing" of his.) The thing that this photo doesn't capture is him yelling, "WOWA!" while they're trying to, you know, have a program.

Nora runs over to give him a sweet, little hug, and my camera couldn't be bothered to cycle fast enough for me to catch it. Darn it. (By the bye, she totally picked that outfit out herself today.)

This is where our pastor reads the kids a story and gives them a little lesson about Easter. This is also, coincidentally, where my kids went nuts and took off running everywhere (like, throughout the entire church—not just that little chapel) and clinging to me. Ugh. Sorry, everybody else. I am THAT lady (pregnant, to boot) with THOSE kids.

Oh, but here's a short video from just before Henry took off to find Nora and life got (more) difficult.

They are little blessings, but, man, I'm glad they won't be this age (and this type of challenging) forever.

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  1. I absolutely love that you were the mom taking pictures while this was happening rather than running up there, frantically trying to put a stop to it.
    Henry made church far more interesting for a lot of people that day.  Several folks in the congregations wanted to thank you, but they did not think their wife/uncle/mom/butler would let them.