Thursday, June 9, 2011


Yesterday afternoon/evening, I started feeling really awful, so I went and laid down while the kids were taking a nap. I couldn't get comfortable, and once I finally did, the kids were awake. Then, I spent the rest of the evening (before Willis got home from work, and . . . well, even after that) stuck on the couch. Somewhere around 6 or 6:30, I threw up (and pretty violently), and felt a little better for awhile. After about another hour, though, I started feeling the same again (awful), and I ended up throwing up again at about 8:45. That's when I called my OB, and I was told to go into the ER to check to see if the baby is doing okay.

Willis had just gotten the kids to sleep (finally—they really put up a fight), and he drug them back out of bed to take me to the ER. They took me up to OB where they monitored the baby for awhile. It turns out that he was doing just fine. I wasn't in labor or anything (and I knew that).

They gave me some Sierra Mist while I was there, and I sipped on that rather slowly. I wasn't feeling very well when they told me I could go home and rest, and I'm still not feeling that great. I'm kind-of in that waiting period where I'm trying to determine if the weakness I feel is still sickness or if it's just my system being totally empty. I've been able to keep my vitamins and a tiny bit of dry Fruit Loops and ginger ale down so far today, but I'm not really feeling better yet.

I don't know if it was heat stroke, some sort of bug, or food poisoning, but whatever it was/is . . . it's really pretty terrible to have while being this pregnant (37 weeks).

I hope the kids go easy on me today. At least the temperature is dropping.

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