Monday, October 12, 2009

Henry's Woes and What Nora Knows

Henry has been really cranky the past two days. After talking with my friend, Lena, today, I realized that he probably has gas. So, I gave him some gas drops this afternoon, and since then, he's been crying less. Plus, he actually passed gas a little while after I gave him some, and I don't typically hear him do that. I'll keep trying those. We'll see how that goes. I'm a bad girl, though: I definitely put the dropper into the gas drops, and it says specifically on the bottle that you need to clean the dropper every time and just use the original lid that came on the bottle. Whoops. I don't plan to use it on multiple kids, so I'm assuming it's still okay. I definitely did it impulsively and, of course, didn't see that I had boo booed until after the deed was done.

In other news, Nora's been saying and doing all kinds of things lately. What sad: I'm so stinking tired that I forget a lot of what she does. A few things that I have made great pains to remember have been:
  • The other day I had some sweaters drying in my bedroom. One of them, I threw over the bassinet to let it dry. Later, I went to take it off of the bassinet, and I couldn't find it. I knew Nora must've gotten it and dragged it all over the house and lost it somewhere, so I gave up looking for it. Later, I went to open up my sweater tub (that rolls under my bed), and I found the sweater wadded up in there. The little rat put it away for me. I had to laugh.
  • Last night, I was picking up toys and discovered the dog's bone in her mail box on her little toy house. I don't know why, but it made me laugh really hard when I found it. Maybe it's because I know she was probably purposely hiding it from the dog?
  • Yesterday, she counted to ten all by herself. She said all the numbers perfectly, too. It was amazing. I doubt she'll be able to do that consistently, but, man . . . it was really exciting! (She usually forgets all about six and seven.)
  • I don't know where she got this, but when she wipes out, I always go, "Are you okay?" and she goes, "I fine." Hilarious. And helpful.
  • When she hears Henry cry, she goes, "Sorry, baby." I imagine she gets that from me because I say that to him all the time (because I'll be tending to Nora and can't get to him right away).
  • She was yelling at the dog last night from her seat at the table, and she was saying, "Sit down!" She definitely gets that from me.
She has been saying all kinds of other things and doing all kinds of other things, but I really have a hard time recalling it all right now. Henry still has yet to break the three-hour mark when it comes to sleeping at night. He's also just been quite a handful during the day, too. I don't think he's colicky (because I can typically somewhat soothe him), but he's definitely become fairly high-maintenance. That's for sure.

Henry's wailin' again. Gotta go. (Pictures will be downloaded again soon.)

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  1. Reminds me of Jacob.... is all still a blurr!!  It was a crazy nine months.  I hope you are doing well otherwise?  I guess I could get around to responding about the holidays soon now too!  I will try to do that in the next day or two.
    I love you!!!  Love your blogs!!