Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Biggest Losers Ever

Willis is doing a "biggest loser" competition at work (I'd so be in on that action if I were back at the office). There are 29 people in the running, and I've decided that I'll do my own "biggest loser" thing as moral support. That means I'm actually kind-of dieting. Yep. I'm counting calories, and I'm exercising. I'm going to do it for as long as Willi's competition lasts (which is about 20 weeks).

I've never done a diet before, so I'm a little freaked. It's already been a bit overwhelming. I've never even looked at how many calories are in the food I eat. Isn't that nuts? I just had no idea how many calories everything has! I'm going to do it, though. I have to try it! My goal is to lose about 20 pounds in those 20 weeks.

I'm using as a means to count calories and fitness activities. It's fairly addicting. My only concern is that I couldn't factor into my plan that I'm breastfeeding. So, that may throw a big stick in the spokes. We'll see. I'm supposed to be at 2005 calories a day (and that's without this thing knowing that I'm currently breastfeeding). So, I'll try to stick to that and see what happens. If I feel like I'm going to, like, die, then I'll reevaluate that number.

Once I actually lose the weight, I'll consider posting before and after pictures. For now, I'd rather not jinx myself by posting the before photos right now. Besides, people need to see those images side by side to get the full effect. Am I right? Willis refused to participate in any sort of photo-taking regarding this matter. So, you'll just have to use your imagination.

I actually kind-of started everything yesterday. It was a trial run day for me. Today was more serious. So far, so good! I'll just be interested to see how good naughty foods start looking once I'm about a week into it (and maybe not just naughty foods, but ANY food). We've tried to rid the house of such nonsense. We'll soon find out how we did.

Dilly out!

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  1. As someone who lost 25 lbs last year, I've give you a few hints. I was not, and am still not on a diet. I have made a lifestyle change. I just try to make smart choices. The biggest thing is portion control! But instead of putting cheese on something I skip it. Or balsamic vinegar instead of Ranch for salad dressing. Finding little snacks that are similar to things I love. I also don't eat out of a bag anyone. I put things in a bowl, so I control what I'm eating. You can't deny yourself all "goodies" as you'll lose willpower really quickly. And by not being on a diet, I'm allowed. If I want a cookie, I can have one. But just one, and not every day. If you do those sorts of things, and exercise, you'll do great!