Monday, January 4, 2010

Just Some Photos (Some Involve Snow)

One of several new outfits for Henry boy.

He's grown rather tired of the flash.

Nora gets braids sometimes.

This was the day she peed in the potty AND on the couch.

Henry passed out after playing particularly hard.

A pair of several new pajamas of Nora's.


Nora wanted to swing.

I had to go back and help her get down. She couldn't quite move like she'd like.

We got even more snow after these pics were taken.

She wanted me to pick her up and lift her onto the higher snow so she could see the snowman up close. What she forgets is that she would sink to the bottom of that snow if I put her in it.

She wanted to stay outside forever.

Going to see the fish pond at the neighbors' house across the street. (They have goldfish in there, and they're in there all year round!)

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