Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Li'l Sweeties

Nora has been saying some new sentences lately. My favorite happened yesterday. I was rushing to get the kids and me ready to go to an eye doctor appointment (Willis was picking us up to take us all there), and I must've looked stressed. While I was changing her diaper, Nora looks at me (all serious-like) and says, "What matter, Mommy?"

I immediately had to laugh, and I explained that nothing was wrong: we just had to hurry! So funny. That's the first time she's ever really implored about something regarding feelings.

Yesterday, Nora also clearly said, "I love you," after I said it to her first. It was so stinkin' sweet, I about cried.

Her two-year molars are coming in (she's drooling all over the place and shoving her entire fist in her mouth lately), and she'll occasionally say, "Teeth hurt!"

Poor kid.

When penguin is missing (which is often lately), she'll wander around the house going, "Penguin! Where are you?"

Sometimes, she'll also say, "I [will] find him!"

She genuinely seems to like Henry, but she'll still get a twinge of jealousy now and then (especially now that the holidays are over, it seems to have kicked back up a notch or two). I don't have to be afraid of her being close to him or alone with him, though. She would never hurt him (not purposely, anyway). She still gives him her penguin when he's crying, and that is still a big deal.

What's more: Henry absolutely loves Nora. He will chuckle at her across the room when she's dancing around and being silly. Sometimes, he just laughs at her to get her to look at him. When they interact, it's so awesome. I really need to get a video of it if it's even possible. Even a photo would do. It's so hard to catch them both at the right moment!

It's so nice having little sweeties. I'll keep 'em.

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  1. I also go "Penguin! Where are you?" but I'm talking about my man and she's talking about her toy.  It's cuter her way. ;)