Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday!

Here is the little spot at the beginning where I give credit to where it is due.

Hey, It's Okay . . .

. . . to pretty much never wear high heels. Sorry, fashionistas. Judge away. I'll be over here being comfortable and having less bruising.

. . . to not understand how it became "hot" for dudes to have chick hairdos. I find that it's just confusing.

"Excuse me, Miss. Oooh. Sorry. You know what? Never mind."

. . . to go through a gamut of emotions while watching a news special that is educating parents on "when not to text" while parenting. For example, "Don't text while reading to your children."

It's like, "Haha! Wait. What? What the crap? Seriously? Oh. This is for real. Oh, sad."

. . . to wait until you're nearly 29 years of age to read Pride and Prejudice, even if you're two kids, work, and life make it nearly impossible to find the time.

. . . to take no small pleasure in watching your kids "play" with your very, very annoyed, yet, surprisingly tolerant cat. Sweet, sweet cat karma. Delicious.

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  1. It really is okay if you're just now getting to Pride and Prejudice. I have one request. If you watch the movie, please start with the BBC version.