Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vacation Highlight Reel

Nora took this.
And this.
Scott and Mary joined us for the first two days of the week that we were in Michigan.

Nora and I love these foam things.

We did a lot of this together during the week.

She liked it.

Nora took this one! Haha! I love it!

Kids playing in the grass while Daddy grills.

More of that.


Nora dragging Henry away from certain doom.

Back onto the blanket.

Nora's crawling?

Willi grillin'.

We won't tell Henry that's a girls' cup.

The lake.

I got them both to look and smile!

Daddy and Nora.

Mommy, Henry, and Nora by the swings.

Mealtime action.

Quite the dining view.

He was trying to escape and get into things at the same time.

Parting view.

Ugh. I miss it already. I missed it when I took that last picture.

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