Monday, July 26, 2010

Nora at Night

Most nights, Willis tucks Nora into her bed while I get Henry ready for bed. Once Henry is down, I go in to Nora's room to give her a proper hug and kiss (sans Henry). Lately, she's been asking me to read her Goodnight Moon.

Tonight, about a page into the book, she said, "Stop reading, Mommy!"

Then, she proceeded to pretend to pull items off of each page and do things with them. She pulled the mittens off of the hanging rack, and she pretended to put them on her hands. She pulled the socks off the drying rack and put them on my feet, one at a time. She pulled the lamps off of each page and had me turn off each one ("Click!"). We collected all the red balloons off of all the pages, and then I tied them all to the foot posts of her bed.

As I left, I blew her a kiss, and she caught it. Then, she blew one back to me. I caught it.

She's gettin' to be pretty fun.

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