Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday!

I got this idea from her who got it from her. Now, you get to suffer.

Hey, It's Okay . . .

. . . to not even consider the fact that your 2.5-year-old might just freak out at a matinĂ©e of How to Train Your Dragon because it's much, much louder; much more in-your-face; and much, much scarier than you could've possibly imagined (from a sensitive, little person's perspective—I had no idea she was that sensitive).

. . . to be both sad and laughing when that same 2.5-year-old screams/cries at inopportune times, "Can you turn off the TV, now?" while watching said movie.

. . . to want to kick yourself for not grabbing your stuff (purse, diaper bag, etc.) when you have to cross the entire movie theater with your two screaming, scared kids to just get them out of the room for a minute. (That girl did NOT want to go back in there. Henry was just being, well, Henry.)

. . . to also want to kick yourself because you made your pregnant friend (and her two kids) late to the movie, too—just to completely disrupt their enjoyment of the movie. (Sorry, friend.)

. . . to be shocked at the price of fabric these days. (I know. This doesn't really fit. I stopped at Jo-Ann's on my way out of the cinema fiasco. I have something I have to do by this weekend.)

. . . to want to scrap an entire day and have a do-over. Sheesh.

. . . to have mercilessly cursed Twitter only to join it . . . and then realize that you're, like, some sort of antique because you don't do this from your phone. Oh, and don't forget that still being overwhelmed by it is evidence of antiquity as well. I am an old soul.

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  1. There are some days that just didn't need to happen.Makes me think of the Greenzo episode of 30 Rock at the end."This earth is ruined! We gotta get a new one."Just swap "earth" for "day" and you're set.