Friday, August 27, 2010

Things Worth Noting

Firstly, here are some photos that were taken by Nora:

Can you tell I've been working a lot lately? That's how I've been looking from my kids' point of view. It's sad.

I think she's actually pretty good with that thing.

Secondly, I was painting Nora's toenails (for, like, the second time in her life), and we heard our neighbor, Frank, cough. (We had our windows open.) Nora promptly said, "Bless you, Frank!"

He didn't hear it. It was still pretty sweet, though.

Thirdly, I trimmed Henry's hair this morning. That was his first haircut. I tried to get photos of before and after, but the camera battery was dead. Of course! He was looking a bit trollish, so it had to be done. It's still not perfect (he was moving a lot). Next time, I may be using clippers! I hope his little curls aren't totally gone, now. I liked 'em.

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