Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our Thanksgiving

We didn't get to make the 18-hour car trip out to Maryland to see my fam this year, so we had our own, little fun at home this Thanksgiving weekend.

They're ready to go get the Christmas Tree (Black Friday) from Garwood.

I couldn't really get them to stop moving.

They're checking out some of the trees at Garwood.

Listening to a guy talk about fishing on Black Friday.

Willis and Henry listen to the same guy talk about fishing on Black Friday. (We got a free bag of apples and a free gallon of cider with our tree purchase.)

The kids climb on some furniture.

My annual Martha Stewart wreath that I make from tree clippings every year. I call it a Martha Stewart wreath because I think Martha would be proud. My horticulture class really came in handy with regard to stuff like this.

Willis reads I Love You, Stinky Face to Henry.

Henry stops to say, "Cheese!"

Post-Thanksgiving coma.

He was double-fisting, and his little eyes were closing.

There's something so sweet and, yet, so sad about a kid passing out at the table.

The stockings are hanged and the tree is up!

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