Monday, November 22, 2010

Random Kid Shots

This picture was taken shortly after Nora located her missing penguin (3 days). Yes. The penguin she's actually holding is the one that was missing.

He's multitasking. He's also wearing a pink headband around his neck. I don't know. It's his "thing," I guess.

He wanted to wear the back pack, and yet, once he had it on, he still wasn't completely satisfied.

Well, he was a little of the time.

It was darned near impossible to get a photo of him with that back pack.

Back pack. Reading. It all goes together—in more ways than one.

He really gets into reading right now. He's rather vocal. See how serious he is?

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  1. I'll bet the penguins smell different.I had a Puffalump and it smelled like magic to me. My mom tried to replace it once with one that looked the same.She may as well have tried to replace my brother with a giant tub of hummus.P.S. Your word verification hates me, and I hate it, too.