Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat!

We had Trick or Treat here last night, and it's a tradition for
the Cooks to join us. Here are some photos of the fun!

Anxiously awaiting Melissa and Marian's arrival.

Getting ready to go score some treats!

At the neighbors': Pam has a wee puppy in her lap,
and Nora wanted to put her in her treat bag.
(You can see Willis, Randy, and Henry on our porch behind them!) 

Marian needed some encouragement. Nora was scared of the music.

View of the street toward the graveyard (it seemed fitting).

Our street. You can see Willis on our porch! (Willis and Randy stayed back
to hand out candy while the girls went out to get treats!)

Our street again, busy with trick or treaters.

The last house!

Melissa and Henry.

All the kids!

Henry really looks like a frog with that face.

Hi, buddy.

We totally ran out of candy. We got a lot of trick-or-treaters! (I even had four bags of candy!)

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