Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Henry's Word Bank and Other Stuff

Henry doesn't get many posts devoted just to him these days. I guess that's what happens when I'm chasing him around the house, keeping him from death. (You thought I was going to say, "I guess that's what happens when the second baby comes," didn't you?)

He has begun to talk lately, and I just have to get these words down somewhere. (I did it for Nora on here, so I may as well be consistent with this.)

  • Mommy (It sounds more like, "Mammy.")

  • Daddy

  • bye

  • hi

  • baby

  • Wowa (Nora)

  • sissy

  • doggie

  • kitty (His favorite pastime is to shriek at the cat.)

  • duuuuuuce (juice)

  • yeah (He says it really slow, like, "Yeeeaaah.")

  • poopy (He actually tells me if he has a dirty diaper sometimes.)

  • cheese (He says this about actual cheese and when he sees a camera.)

  • baf (bath)

  • mo (milk)

  • E, I, E, I, O (Old Macdonald)

  • Now and then, you can make out a few words to "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."

  • no

  • boo (book)

  • Oh, Toodles!

  • cookie

  • cracker (That one sounds more like a Spanish curse word.)

  • snack (It sounds more like, "NAK!")

  • Yay!

  • up

  • dow (down)

  • nana (banana)

  • Uh, oh!

  • Oh, no!

He seems to understand a lot more than what he can say. He answers, "Yeah," or, "No," to questions I ask him, and usually, the answer seems to be appropriate.

He thinks it's pretty stinking funny to do things that his mother tells him specifically not to do. (He seriously gets this wicked, little grin on his face. He also has an evil laugh.)

He loves to hug on his sister AND drive her nuts, and sometimes, he likes to do those things simultaneously. Sometimes, driving her nuts involves penguin-snatching.

He loves to play with cars. He dances. He sings. He plays with the toy kitchen. He loves to love on dolls and stuffed animals. He also likes to make a particular beanie baby kitten "MEOW!"

When he and Nora get chuckling, you can't tell who is who just by listening.

He's really quirky, and likes things just so.

He also likes to wear necklaces. He likes to wear head bands as necklaces, too.

He likes to stand on his head.

He still doesn't really sleep through the night.

He wipes his own nose with tissues or a wash cloth (much like Nora did at that age).

He loves baths—especially with his sister. (It's not creepy or gross yet, people.)

He loves books, and demands that you read them. Like now.

He loves the snow. (And, somehow, I have no snow pants for him, but I do have boots!)

He loves his dad.

He tries to be just like his sister. Most of the time.

He's got some great-sounding baby gibberish, and he gibber-jabbers a lot when he's playing by himself.

He freaks out when something isn't going his way, and he likes to throw things and make huge messes. Nora went through that, too, I think. (When he does this, we always laugh and go, "Henry SMASH!")

He gives hugs. He gives kisses. (He even goes, "Mmmmm," when he gives kisses!)

He has a funny, little strut when he walks, and that's something I hope I'll always be able to recall in my mind whenever I want.

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  1. I want to hear him say "cracker." I think small children swearing in any language is really funny.