Friday, December 17, 2010

Whopper of a Morning

Yesterday prior to 1 p.m. was a bit nutty for this moi. I got the kids all dressed and ready, and I loaded them in the car. We went over to Nora's school where Henry and I were able to catch ten minutes of Nora's little Christmas program (which was really neat—she actually sang the songs!). Then, Henry and I had to leave because I had scheduled Henry's 15-month-old checkup for that day (Nora's program was originally supposed to happen on Tuesday).

The wait at the doctor's office is always long (no matter what kind of doctor it is, it seems), so things took a heck of a lot longer than I had hoped. Plus, the doctor discovered that Henry has an ear infection, and it's even possible that Henry has had this ear infection for a long time. 

How stinking sad is that? I had no idea. The kid wakes in the night, but I always assumed it was his general crankiness, teething, or the fact that he always seems to be really wet at night any time he wakes. He also never tugs at his ears. He does wipe out a lot, though, and I figured that had to do with his toddler wobbliness and the fact that he runs too fast trying to keep up with Nora.

The doctor did mention that Henry looked pretty healthy otherwise, and the doctor even cracked up as he came in because Henry was just in a diaper (as requested by the nurse) and was running amuck and squealing throughout the exam room. Our boy is up to 32.25 inches in height, and he was 23.12 pounds. What does that mean? I don't know. On the percentile chart thinger, his height is between the 75 and 90th percentile, and his weight is between the 25 and 50th percentile. What does that mean? I don't really know, either.

Oh, and while I was checking out at the doctor's office, Henry ran down the hallway, tripped on his own two feet, and face-planted directly into the wall . . . right before a live, studio audience. He has a perma-bruise on his forehead these days.

We got out of the doctor's office a little before 11, and I had just enough time to drop of Henry's prescription at CVS and spend 20 minutes at the grocery store before I had to get Nora. I didn't get everything I wanted to get, but I think I got everything I needed to get me through at least part of the weekend.

After I grabbed Nora from preschool, I got the kids back home, got their boots and coats off, and then, I remembered that I needed to go pick up Henry's prescription. So, I put their coats and boots back on, and I stuck them back in the car (where Henry arched his back and fought me a bit). I went through the CVS drive-through, and I picked up Henry's prescription. When I got it back home, I read the instructions, and then, I busted open the medicine to see if it smelled as scary as it looked. It did. Acid death. Plus, I noticed that they didn't even include any sort of dispenser with the medication. This was a bit irritating.

So, I called CVS and asked if I could get some flavor put in Henry's medication and get a dispenser. They said it was possible (it's $2.99 for flavor, by the way). The only thing was, I had to be able to get back over there and have it done. I waited until Willis got home, and I ran out to do it right then so I could give Henry his first dose of meds with dinner.

Last night, Henry actually slept through the night for the first time in several months, I think. I don't know if it was the huge morning we had, if it was the medication, or the fact that he's just probably sick. We'll see, I guess. I kind-of doubt that it had anything to do with the medicine—it's really too soon for antibiotics to be kicking in just yet, I think.

So, yeah. This all happened, and we still have close to two feet of snow on the ground. The roads are plowed, but they're not fantastic. It was neat. I was really tired after that morning yesterday, too, so Henry sleeping through the night was highly welcomed. Willis and I also went to bed prior to 8 p.m. last night without any sort of shame (the kids were in bed by 7 p.m., as always). It was a good idea.

There's no way we could be older and have kids. This bizness is exhausting.


  1. Hot damn, woman.I'm glad he slept through the night. I think that was your reward as well as his.P.S. Your word verification thing is killing me. I don't know if I'm dyslexic or if it's screwing with me, but apparently I need three tries before I get to publish my comment.Make it die!

  2. I didn't even know that my blog required word verification. How weird is that? I never set that up, but they must've changed stuff. I'll see what I can do!