Monday, March 21, 2011

A List of Requests

Here is a list of current, general wants/requests. Is it selfish? Yes. Is it needy-sounding? Probably. Fun, okay, and harmless, it also is.

  • Make my sore throat go away.
  • Make this cold go away. I'd like to not be a mouth-breather at night.
  • Let's go ahead and make it nice enough outside so I can let my kids and dog get out there and run a couple of miles (stir crazy) and deep spring clean my house and cars. And have the windows open.
  • While you're at it, go ahead and clean up the five months' worth of dog poo so we can more easily do that latter request.
  • Convince my three-year-old that peeing in the potty is always awesome (not just part-time awesome).
  • Take my dog to the vet to get his toenails clipped so he can stop tap dancing all over tarnation. (Yes. It is impossible to trim my dog's toenails without a full staff of trained animal handlers. Tranquilizers don't even seem to help.)
  • Watch my kids so I can get a haircut.
  • Actually, just go ahead and vacuum my car, and don't judge me by anything you see/smell. Then, clean out my shop vac. Hah.
  • Reseal the parts of my basement that need it.
  • Bring me some: Arni's deluxe pizza and a Junior, Chipotle, some decent sushi (no raw fish stuff until I'm done being pregnant, of course), or even some fried rice and crab rangoons . . . and hot and sour soup.
  • A coffee maker. (It doesn't even have to be new!)
  • A blue ray player. (Okay. That one is super frivolous.)
  • A van. (It doesn't even have to be new!)
  • A hard floor steamer.
  • An awesome vacuum cleaner (canister vacuum would be preferable, if they make one that is really, really awesome).
  • Some medium-sized Prorap diaper covers (our hand-me-downs are disintegrating). Sad face. (They don't even need to be new!)
  • Seal the driveway for me.
  • Paint my fence. Oh, and paint my house, too.
  • Clean my gutters. (You're going to need a ladder that's bigger than any ladder, ever. And some life insurance.)
  • Get rid of some of my kids' toys and organize the ones that are left in some sort of neat, IKEA-awesome-like fashion.
  • In fact, just go ahead and watch my kids so I can go to IKEA.
  • The missing side board for Henry's upcoming big-boy bed.
  • Re-grout part of my upstairs bathroom.
  • Seal the grout in the two bathrooms.
  • A vacation. 
  • A decent point and shoot camera that I can slip into my pocket.
  • A giant, protective hamster ball for my highly, highly active son.
  • Some patience (and time) to get through the ridiculous amount of actual work that I have to do in the coming week.

I think that sums up the most important wanty wants for now. Proceed.

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