Friday, March 25, 2011

Sluggish Shots

Here are a few photos from the camera from the last week or two.

Nora wanted to take my picture, and I did not want. I was feeling pretty horrible that day. Obviously. This is, quite possibly, the worst photo of me ever, but the face really says it all with regard to how terrible this cold virus thing has been.

And then, like, a day later, Nora got sick, too. She looked like this for about two days. The dog always looks like that. (Guilty.)

Henry's got the sickness, too (as does Willis), but this is the extent of his "relaxing." He absolutely has to be wearing shoes all the time. He comes up to me with them, and he goes, "Shoes on! Shoes on!" The little dude has on footie pajamas, and he wants shoes.

I'm okay with putting this week behind us. You know it?

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