Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What's on the Camera?

I just uploaded some photos, and I have a lovely hodge podge to share.

Henry likes to set up a little "table" on the floor. Every day. He's quite meticulous about it, actually. Oh, and he's practically a grown-up now.

The dog doesn't get in on many photos these days. Poor guy.

Henry has just awakened from a sad, lunch nap. I was hoping to capture the moment. I failed.

Nora decided to take a sweet picture, which is kind-of rare right now. She also had let me do her hair that morning, which is also rare right now.

He's still sort-of falling asleep at the table, and he is not pleased that I'm taking pictures of it. (And, yes. I gave up on bibs long ago.)

Willis found a Cheesecake Factory cheesecake recipe online, and I tried it. It was scrumptrilescent.

Here's the little jerk that almost died over the weekend. He seems pretty okay right there, doesn't he? That was taken on Sunday. Also, note that he matches the cheesecake. The Graphic Designer in me wants to juxtapose those pictures in a more serious fashion than I did (which was really on purpose).

There's always a self portrait by Nora in every camera batch.

Gotta go start makin' some brinner!

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  1. holy moly, not only are your kids stinking cute...you're FAT CAT is too! I want to mush him! :)