Monday, May 9, 2011

What Few Pics I Have Taken

These are what few pics I have taken with this camera over the last week or two. I don't really get around to picking this thing up anymore. Poor Baby Number Three is not going to have much photo representation. Sorry, kid.

Lookin' at stuff outside.

"Oh! Hi."

Willis and I went to a Couples' Shower that was Kentucky Derby-themed. I made a hat. In fact, you can see more details of that hat (if interested) on my design blog here and here.

We stopped in Wolcott on Sunday (Mother's Day) after staying with the Browns the night prior (of course, I didn't get my camera out while we were there except to get my derby hat photo. Darn it), and after the fog burned off, the weather ended up being awesome. I wish I had also gotten some photos of those windmills with their heads buried in the fog. (That's such a spooky sight.)

It was so awesome out that my mom decided to put together a wagon and take the kids for a stroll.

They loved it.

There was also some of this. (Henry loves cars.)

And, then, there was some of this (turn-taking).

We all got sunburned, but I have a feeling I might have gotten it worse than everyone. I now have a permanent T-shirt going . . . I forgot how easily a pasty lady burns after a severe, prolonged age of darkness. (That was probably the first, really, really nice day that we've had that wasn't ridiculously windy since prior to winter. No joke.)

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