Monday, April 30, 2012

House Situation Update

Here are the things that we learned today.

  • The divorce of the woman buying our home will be final on May 8th.
  • We are also waiting for the soon-to-be ex-husband's refinance (on their home) to go through. It's supposedly being underwritten today. Yes. I'm pretending to know what that means.
  • I guess they may still be waiting for the appraisal report on our La Porte house, too, which is also unnerving.
  • The sellers of the house we're buying supposedly didn't want to sign the extension for us, and they apparently have not yet handed the signed papers to their realtor. So, I'm a tad nervous about that right now. 
  • Also, they (the sellers) apparently are only giving us a two week extension. So . . . there's that, too. (We signed an extension for our buyer for June 1st—after she was so explicit about taking possession of our house on April 30th—Hey! That's today!)

So, I'm really trying to not be discouraged. It's hard.

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