Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ramble On

It's Saturday morning, and Miss Nora woke up earlier than she has all week long (not much earlier, mind you, but it still was a bummer). I was up bright and early with her at about 6 a.m. Willi got up with us, too, 'cause he had to go to work this morning. Poor guy.

Nora didn't sleep well last night. One time, she woke up crying, and it warranted me going in there to hold her. She squirmed out of my arms, so I ended up putting her back in her bed. She went back to sleep at first, but about 20 minutes later, I heard her fussing again. She does have a fairly painful looking diaper rash on her bum, and I'm wondering if that's the reason for all the fuss. I'm letting her air out a lot more today than usual, and I've resorted to disposable diapers for the morning. We'll see if that clears it up.

I've recently reached the uncomfortable stage of pregnancy. Sleeping is becoming a bit more of a challenge, and even just working out in the yard and doing other household work takes a heck of a lot more energy than it used to a few weeks ago. I was really hoping to not have that happen until, like, late July. I just ordered a special wedge pillow to help with the sleep discomfort. When I was pregnant with Nora, I used a body pillow, but now that it's warmer out this time around, I don't think I could handle cuddling up with that giant beast.

I also throw up in my mouth a lot right now, and I've got a stupid eye twitch that has been hanging around for well over a week. I've tried eating bananas, warm compresses, Tylenol, a warm bath, laying out in the sun, a glass of wine, you name it. None of it works. I'm not horribly sleep-deprived right now (I've been worse). So, there are only two things it can be: the fact that I'm pregnant, or maybe my eyes need a new prescription. I was due to get new glasses when I got pregnant this time around, and I didn't go in to get them because I've read that women may as well not bother getting an eye exam while being pregnant since their eyes are constantly changing.

It could be worse, though. I could have morning sickness right now, too, and I think that'd be about unbearable. I don't know how women do this in the heat of the summer with a toddler and morning sickness. Wow.

I lost a battle with a plumbing clean out cap that goes to my upstairs bathroom this morning. I had bought a plumbing snake and was going to run it through our upstairs clean out (our drains are moving really, really slowly in our upstairs bathroom). There's no way either Willis or I will get that thing open (it's impossibly positioned and stuck—we can't use a big wrench like it requires because there just isn't room). So, I may just resort to snaking down into the sink and the tub for now. If it completely blocks up later, we'll call a plumber. For now, they're just really, really slow: not stopped. One can only use so much Drano, too, before it eats the pipes and floods everything onto the ceiling of the room below. I've probably used it more times than I should have, honestly, and I've used it a handful of times since we've lived here.

I really, really need to vacuum the downstairs of my house today. I will probably try to get that done before Willi gets home. It's pretty bad. I vacuumed upstairs yesterday, and the bagless vacuum got so full that it couldn't suck up any more (and it was empty when I started). Pets are sick. If these guys croak, I'm so not getting another dog or cat in the house (Willis will probably work me about it using a cute kid, and I'll probably buckle. For now, I'm going to stick to my guns). I probably don't vacuum as much as a normal person does, but not only do I not really care—I also don't have time to bust out the vacuum cleaner that often. Maybe someday there will be more time for more frequent vacuuming, but I have a feeling I'll end up filling up that time with something else that holds my attention a little better.

I also epically lost a vacuum cleaner attachment yesterday while vacuuming. Nora was 'helping' me, and I think she may have taken it somewhere. I just hope I see that attachment again 'cause it's a rather necessary one. I never realized how hard I could lose something until I had a kid (I've lost stuff before, but I always found it in the end. Now, finding things doesn't always happen). One time, I found her sippy cup in the kitchen trash can. How scary is that?

Today, Willi and I are going to get some annuals and mulch for the yard. We probably won't put them out until tomorrow, though. Maybe I'll get some pictures of that when we're all done.

Now that I've rambled on enough for all of us, I'll share some photos and a video of our little rascal:

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
She's obsessed with Daddy's belts. She's a little pants robber around here
(he leaves his pants laying on the dresser with the belt still in them, and she takes
them to remove the belt).

Nora loves to "put on" my bra if she sees it hanging up to dry in the bathroom.
She's such a girl.

Alright. Nora's been naked a really long time, and I fear she's going to pee on the floor somewhere. So, I'm gonna go have her sit on her potty (I got a Little Tikes potty chair from freecycle awhile back because I thought she needed something that looks more like a toilet than her cute, little chamber pot), and get her a diaper and some clothes. Catch you kids later!

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  1. Your lil love nugget is getting so big! (I would love to "say it with Minis!" but apparently I need to be Xanga-certified. Nerds.)