Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Videos and Nonsense

Here's a bit of Nora's sign language action.

She says, "Thanks," and, "Dankoo (Thank you)."

I wish the video didn't cut out while she was singing. I love that little voice!

In other news, my eye is still twitching. We're going on the second week of that business. The twitching eye combined with the baby moving in my belly—it's enough to make a girl wig! (I don't mind the baby moving in my belly, but when you add an eye twitch to the mix, it's really, really weird.)

Other than that, there's not a whole lot to report! Nora's growing up right in front of us, and I'm growing out right in front of us.

Nora's getting really good at getting into stuff that I don't want her to get into. She emptied half of her dirty diaper pail yesterday before I caught her (and this was the third or fourth time that I had caught her—after that last time, I closed off her room so she couldn't get in there). She still climbs on things, and that scares me. I'm so afraid she's going to climb up on something and break through a window screen. I'm constantly moving stuff around in the house to try to prevent this, and every time it gets quiet around here, I'm up on my feet and running to find out what she's doing.

That's about it, though, for now. You kids have a good day.

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