Wednesday, August 26, 2009

39 Weeks and Still Huge

Here we are at 39 weeks.


I actually had to do some cropping on this photo. Nora was having some regularly scheduled naked time when we took the picture. I didn't realize it at the time, but Hobbes is totally laying on several stuffed animals on the couch. The cat is in the hallway, too. So, the only person we're missing in this family photo is Willis.

Nora's continued to kick her difficulty level up a few notches. We've been seeing a lot of this lately:


And this . . .


It's kind-of sad. I've been trying hard to spend some good quality time with her since I got caught up with work stuff. I think that's helping a little, but she's still all about testing her boundaries, um, constantly.

In other news, I got stung by a yellow jacket in my kitchen two days ago. I had seen one on the floor, bumped it to see if it was alive, and when I did that, he disappeared. I guess when he disappeared, he flew up into my shorts and was hanging out up there (and I somehow didn't feel him moving around in there). I squatted down in the kitchen to pick something up off the floor, and low and behold, BAM! I lifted up my shorts to find the little punk digging right into my leg with his butt. That hurt. Strangely enough, I don't think I've ever been stung before. I didn't know what to do. I called Willis all frantic and asked him what to do. I didn't know what stung me at first: I thought it was some kind of bee, but I wasn't sure.

I still have a huge, hot, itchy, red patch on my leg. So, that's annoying.

In the meantime, we're playing the waiting game. I've been having some contractions here and there but nothing that sticks.

I'm doing some nesting activities to try to settle my mind a bit. Maybe that'll help. I'm doing a bunch of laundry today, and I plan to vacuum my downstairs. Once that's done, maybe my body will relax and be like, "Let's do this."

I need to go get some clothes onto that kid before she makes a mess somewhere. Dilly out!


  1. Your puffy taco in there needs to come on out and greet his neighbors!

  2. Did you put baking soda on it?(((HUGS))))) That kind of stuff can put a girl over the edge.