Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nora is 19 Months Old

Nora is officially 19 months old today. It's pretty weird to think that she's reached the month age that she'll be when her baby brother arrives (hopefully).

Here are some photos of this little rascal.

She decided she needed to be in the toy box.



She climbs like nobody's business. She's turning her music on here.
(She used to have to ask us to do this for her, but now, she doesn't need us. Obviously.)

She can also walk up the stairs by herself using the wall.
She still likes to have Willis and I walk her up by holding her hands on both sides, though.

She likes to "do" her own hair after Mommy does it.
I'm still trying to convince her not to do that. (She always messes it up.)

Her vocabulary has just exploded lately. Every day she's saying something new. Her hair is getting thick, long, and even more curly (which really has me surprised). She's also displaying a feisty sense of humor these days, too.

We're having a lot of fun with her. She's such a good kid. We can only hope her little brother is as easy on us as she has been.

Dilly out!

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