Friday, August 28, 2009


My OB checked my "progress" for the first time today. It turns out that I'm only about a centimeter dilated with no effacement or anything (apparently, the baby still even needs to settle down into my pelvis a lot more, which I was surprised to hear 'cause I totally thought he had dropped in the last week). I was a little bummed to hear that (although, I know I shouldn't be: they say that these things have no bearing on when a baby is actually going to arrive) because I've been having some contractions. I guess I was just disappointed to find out that they weren't doing anything (or doing as much as it felt like they might be doing).

Maybe I'm a little bummed, too, because this is where I was when I got checked with Nora at 37 weeks (I'm over 39 weeks now). I thought maybe this time around, things would happen a little sooner (because this is my second baby, and I was really hoping it'd be different from when I had Nora—I ended up induced at 41 weeks because a non-stress test revealed a creepy, irregular heartbeat in the baby).

I'll probably end up going past my estimated due date again, though. I'm already setting myself up for that ('cause if I don't, I'll go nutty). (And, yes, we are aware of the hundreds of things that a pregnant lady can try to do to get labor started. We've probably tried all of those things both with Nora and this bugger.)

My OB did try to encourage me by telling me that he had a mother that was at two centimeters yesterday and went into labor during lunch time today. So . . . I suppose that did make me feel a little better. The only thing is: I'm not two centimeters.

What's weird: my blood pressure was a tad high today, and that's never, ever happened to me before. I wonder if it was the giant plate of Chinese food I had earlier in the day (lots of soy sauce action). They didn't seem concerned about it at all. It was just higher than usual, but it wasn't any cause for concern.

Nora actually behaved quite well at the doctor's office today. I was really surprised. I put her down for an early nap today, so I think that was definitely beneficial. She didn't get into too much, and she wasn't too hard to handle (she did try to climb up onto the counter in the doctor's office via a rolling stool—I had to hop down off the examination table to stop her from cracking her skull or something of the like with that nonsense, but that was about the extent of her difficulty). So, I was grateful for that.

Oi. Nora's crying. Gotta run . . . or run-waddle.

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