Monday, September 14, 2009

Flyin' Solo with Two Kiddos

Today is Willi's first day back to work since Henry was born. I thought I'd be a useless puddle of goo all day (I seriously expected to, like, cry and freak out), but everything seems to be going pretty well so far. While the kiddos are napping, I thought I'd take this opportunity to upload the photos and videos from the camera. (I had a little coffee this morning, so I couldn't nap today while Nora napped. That was originally in the plans, but I couldn't help myself with the coffee. Last night wasn't a good sleep night in this house. Both kids totally woke up again—not that Henry is a surprise with that right now.)

I've already noticed that I am taking much less photos and videos than I did when Nora was little. I'm just too lazy to go grab the camera (which is usually just across the room). I'm a bad girl.

Here's the first-ever video of Henry.

In other news, Maggie is going to be taking pictures of Henry on Friday! I'm so excited!

In other other news, Nora's vocabulary has just exploded lately. She's been saying all kinds of things. I need to get some of this action on video. She even knows some numbers! She brought me some magnetic numbers off the fridge the other day, and she told me what the numbers were (four, six, and five). I have only gone over numbers with her once (I took her over to the library one day before Henry was born, and we went over numbers on a wooden puzzle). She's also starting to figure out colors, too. It's wild!

She also knows lots of sounds for animals. It's neat to see her playing with an animal and making the noise that it makes. She's so funny about it.

Nora says things like:
  • "Okay, Daddy."
  • "Mootie!" (She says this when she wants to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.)
  • "Henry."
  • "Baby."
  • If Henry cries, she goes, "Aww. Baby?"
  • "Ducky! Quack!"
  • She says, "Please," now (not just signing)!
  • "Mote." (That's her word for remote control.)
  • "On." (That's when she wants the TV on.)
  • "Off." (That's for when she turns the TV off.)
  • "I see you!" (She says this clear as a bell, and she just started doing it this weekend.)
  • "Nigh-Night!" (She says this when she goes to bed and when she's playing in her little house downstairs—she actually lays down in the house and pretends to go to sleep.)
  • "Poopy." (She says this and points to her diaper when she's poopy now. If only I could get her to go in a potty!)
  • "Hurt." (She says this and points to wherever she hurts now. It's kind-of sad.)
  • "Help!" (She's been saying this one for awhile, but I'm amazed that she actually will ask for help instead of freaking out and throwing a tantrum first.)
  • "Snack!"
  • "Nana!" (Both for banana and her actual Nana.)
  • "Malk! Juice!" (She requests these all the time, every day.)
  • "Uh uh." (It sounds like she's saying "no" with this, but she's actually saying "yes." I'm working with her to actually say, "Yes," now, and I think she's going to get it.)
Nora also says a few words strangely. For example, instead of saying the word, "Flag," she says the "f" word. It used to be the three-letter "f" word, but now, it's morphed into the four-letter "f" word. I'm not sure how that happened, but I'm working on her with that, too. Another example of a word she says strangely is, "Blueberries." For that, she says, "Boobies."

You can imagine the looks we get when she requests those in public. Teehee! It's a good thing we're not out in public much right now.

We're having fun! I wish Willis could stay home with us all the time, though. It was neat having him here with our two little rats.

Alright. I need to figure out how I'm going to go get the Chevy from the shop that's on the opposite end of our block. It just got some new tires. Catch you kids later!


  1. Ooooo! Do you have one of those cool-looking tandem strollers yet? I don't know why, I just think that they are so awesome. :)

  2. Congratulations on your successful day! Hopefully that simultaneous nap thing will hold for a while.My parents filled out EVERYTHING in my brother's baby book, but mine is sort of half-assed and unfinished... and I turned out okay!